Learning curvesWhen you turn your attention to the prophetic ministry you have to admit there have been significant changes  in recent years. Bob Jones, John Paul Jackson and my close friend Paul Cain were a different generation of prophetic voices to those heard today.

We’ve moved on, but have we moved on for the better?

God uses us in his timing and His sovereign and providential purposes

Some might tender the emotive question  whether our modern churches don’t reflect what the Holy Spirit intends for life in this post-modern church, particularly when it comes to the roles and dynamics of the Holy Spirit. Others might ask questions about gifts of the Spirit and patience – that we somehow have lost the understanding about not just God’s timing, but how God uses us in his timing and His sovereign and providential purposes  Another consideration is that we haven’t grasped that prophecy and prophetic words aren’t equal to scripture, but are essentially important to our walk with God and each other as a people of hope.

Intimately or not, God wants us to understand, comprehend and know Him and His goodness and holiness

Either way, one thing is clear – as you look back at the past, your past – God has been taking us all on huge, amazing learning curves. God is always teaching, discipling, training and coaching us. Not just about “stuff”, but also about Himself. More often than not, the learning curve we inadvertently venture on as we discover things about life, ministry and the insignificant things in life, point powerfully at God, helping us to realise, understand, comprehend and join the dots about Him that we would normally overlook. We don’t know what we don’t know, but God is knowable and His engagement with us in the deep recesses of our lives, is with that in mind.


Life is a huge learning curve. The prophetic ministry has a huge responsibility to present itself in humility, with transparency and with unquestionable integrity. Isn’t that what prophets are meant to be like? The prophetic ministry reaffirms, asserts not so much fresh revelations, but at the heart of its outreach to the heart of the Church is the overwhelming, continued assertion of the message of the gospel and the grace of God. Sooner or later our learning curve brings us to fresh consideration of the Cross and all the wonders of grace that has been extended to us.

Genuine words of knowledge and prophetic utterances can stir the heart of the Church, but the gospel gives you a rock to stand on when the storms of life suddenly rage around and underneath you. Authentic prophetic ministry always stirs you to go after God with all your heart, as Paul Cain used to say, to make Jesus the magnificent obsession of your heart.

In Christ, guilt is gone, shame is removed and the righteousness of Christ has been imputed to us.

Looking backwards in life and upwards towards God we realise that our sins have been dealt with, we are reconciled to God – guilt is gone, shame is removed and the righteousness of Christ has been imputed to us. We are holy. We sin, but we are no longer sinners. Our new, default position is that we are the righteousness of God in Christ! Everything has changed!

A few questions

The learning curve for all of this is immense. What shall separate us from the love of God? How far is the East from the West? How new is a new creation? If you are seated with Christ in heavenly places what does the world look like? There is so much to learn, but look at what you have already learned – it is an immense learning curve!

JonGod is at work in your heart and life, and you probably have no idea of the incredible work that has happened in your heart and life until you review it on the final day.


Learning curves