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Marching to the beat of a different drum


What is stirring your heart today? What does your heart long for in life and in the church?  I’m not talking about a heart that is longing for God – that a given when we in Christ. I’m talking about a heart that is longing for the overwhelming, manifest presence of God, something new and different, for something that is extraordinary.

It sounds good but how do we get there?

The starting point is that we have a need to not allow the world around us squeeze us into its own mould, but to let God re-mould our minds from within (Romans1;1-2) and to let our minds be renewed daily (Eph 4:23). Reminding ourselves who we are, what God has done in our lives, what He has achieved and what He has purposed is a brilliant start. We were chosen in Him before the foundation of the world to walk before Him in holiness, adopted as sons. We are unique, and that difference is apparent in the workplace when we resist conforming to social norms.

You may not have noticed, but it seems there is a hunger for God that many are sensing after the pandemic lock-downs that is expressed in a heartfelt desire to break out of daily routine and into a different and exciting life, rich with meaning and sense of purpose. As God’s people, we’re hand-built by Him for adventure and growth in our lives. All things are possible to those who believe – and we are determined to not live in the futility of thinking that has the world in its grip today, but to expect God’s intervention and breakthrough. In our walk with God together we can find that happening in the most unexpected times and places.

Routine is not the enemy.

We’re marching to the beat of a different drummer, and that beat is the heart beat of God for intimacy for him and His great commission.

Our daily routines are essential and may feel mundane — but a sense of purpose comes when you and I realise that God is doing something significant, something ‘purposeful’, something intentional — we just need to listen and watch for Him. God is at work in the midst of routine. There is something profoundly different about God’s people, though. We’re marching to the beat of a different drum, and it is accompanied with a call to a whole new radical, faith-filled, Spirit-led lifestyle. The passion of our heart is that march, that walk becomes our default position.

If you were to think of the most influential people in history, who would you list? Martin Luther King, Jr. Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Mother Teresa, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, George Washington and others come to mind. Ironically, all of these influential people had something in common: their hearts were inspired to action by the belief that they could change the world. They were stirred to action by their convictions. They were called to action by something that was greater than themselves. No matter how famous they became, or how much money they accumulated, or how many people they helped, they did it because of something that was greater than themselves. And so it is with you and I. We’re marching to the beat of a different drummer, and that beat is the heart beat of God for intimacy for him and His great commission.

That commission is accompanied with the Spirit’s power and inspiration, drawing God’s people together to do something that would be impossible for them to do on their own.

Things that stir you

I’m certain there are things that are not falling on deaf ears for you — you can hear that drum beat — and it calls for a response. They are the things that you are passionate about, that stir your heart.  Maybe its family. Maybe it’s friends. Maybe it’s school. Maybe it’s your church. Maybe it’s your job. Maybe it’s your hobby. Maybe it’s the work you do. Maybe it’s your children. Maybe it’s your significant other. Maybe it’s your neighbourhood.

Maybe it’s about seeing signs and wonders, healings, miracles and an extravagant outpouring of the gifts of the Spirit across every church in your city …

As Christians, as followers of Jesus, as people who follow God, we often find ourselves in situations where we noticeably feel as if we are marching at a different pace, out of step with those around us. We may look around and see everyone else is following one drummer and be aware we are marching to the beat of a different drum.  There is much to think about here.

Stuck in a rut?

Even for the drummers, favouring a standard 8th note groove, four to the floor, shuffle groove, 16th note groove or a 12/8 groove there is a challenge…

It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut (Or not even be aware we are stuck in one!) but in a day of fast-changing values and societal norms both inside and outside of the church we are called to be people who are marching to the beat of a different drum. In context, this reflects our honour and allegiance to the hero of the storyline of our lives (and of history) is Jesus, who came into our world and led a unique life; always doing what his heavenly father commanded, sinless, guiltless and full of grace and compassion, and giving his life on a cross that we could receive forgiveness of sin and be reconciled to God.

JonSomething is happening, God is enabling us begin to see a fresh outpouring of His Spirit and it behoves us to listen very carefully, correct our steps, and begin to march to the beat of a different drummer, a better drummer.

Marching to the beat of a different drum
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