The 9 word sermon you need to hear.There is a good deal of controversy as to the exactness of Winston Churchill’s famous maxim, “Never, never, never give up.”  No one is really sure of what Churchill said, or where he said it, but it certainly sounds like something he would have said. He was a man of unwavering conviction and determined action.

If you are going to act on someone’s words though, it matters what they said and the context in which it was said. If you are going to take action, move, think and do – then you need to know.  Consequences always catch up with you.

That is why Luke 18:1 is so important to you. Especially you. Think about it, dwell on it, pause for a moment in your busy life and let it wash over you in the way that only Words from God can, refreshing, restoring and reinvigorating.

Luke takes something that Jesus was telling his disciples by way of a parable, and applies it to the mind of his readers with the heart-gripping exhortation that Jesus gave this teaching for one specific reason, “Men ought always to pray, and never give up“.

Always  pray  never  give up


We are always moments away from the idolatry of our heart, always given to the strange notion that when things get tough, if God hasn’t come through immediately for us that we can muster our own solution and resolve things ourselves. We give up hope so easily. The answer says Luke as he observes Jesus’ teaching and lifestyle, is to listen to the exhortation of Jesus in the parable he gave because we are always to pray and never give up.

We are tempted to give up. Life sometimes brings seeming insurmountable obstacles. The magnificent towers of vision, destiny and promise frequently fall before us as we experience life in all of its mysteries, leaving us with the rubble of despair,  God is the God of breakthrough, he’s the God of miracles, the God that makes a difference. He intervenes. Often. In His staggering omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence He truly is by all definition, awesome.

That is why you ought to pray and never give up.

Be relentless in your pursuit of Him.

Luke recognised the importance of what Jesus said, saw the implications and putting pen to paper writes directly into scripture his sermon commentary. It’s only 9 words, but it says everything.

You can hear the whisper coming from Luke; Focus on Jesus, ask for his help, don’t be overwhelmed by what you think you see – here’s the secret to your ministry…

JonNow go to Luke 18 and let Jesus light up the darkness that despair and discouragement have brought, and take a stand with Luke in wholehearted agreement to encourage others around you always to pray and never give up.

Never give up.

Always praying.

The 9 word sermon you need to hear.
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