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A brief introduction …

Jon and Kerry

Over the years, I’ve devoted myself to creating websites aimed at inspiring churches and fellow Christians to delve deeper into prophetic ministry and the gifts of the Spirit.

My goal has consistently been to offer a Bible-based perspective on prophetic ministry, encouraging those who are already ministering and also those who I can relate to who feel side-lined to actively engage, continuing to follow after the Lord. As you get older opportunities to minister, preach, speak are often given to the younger, but the prophetic ministry is different!

Today, we are not lacking resources on prophets and prophecy. My earnest hope is that my contributions resonate with you and provide value. If you’ve struggled with feelings of insignificance in ministry, please know that you are not alone in this experience – God certainly has more for you!

Despite such feelings, I urge you to cling to your faith and continue seeking God with passion.

Through ‘Prophetic Momentum,’ I share my heart, aiming to challenge, provoke, and encourage faith so that individuals may intentionally step into what God has planned for them. I am passionate about assisting people in discovering and nurturing their prophetic gifts, bridging the gap between faith and daily life.

In an era of peculiar teachings, my aim is to gently correct misunderstandings and controversies surrounding prophetic ministry. I emphasise discernment, accountability, and balance, offering a reliable foundation for those keen to engage with it.

From time to time, I share testimonies that illustrate God’s work through prophetic ministry, designed to uplift and motivate your faith journey. My ultimate goal is to empower you to embrace your God-given destiny, supported by a Spirit-led approach that depends on the Holy Spirit.

My desire is to restore hope in the hearts of believers through a scripture-honouring approach to prophetic ministry, aiding us in facing challenges with a positive outlook and treating other prophets and ministries with respect.

I’ll be encouraging you to pursue a deeper understanding of prophetic ministry and its role in empowering us to fulfil God’s plan for our lives and the world.

Kerry recently had the opportunity to travel to San Francisco and then Amsterdam, where she spent two weeks in each location conducting research as a Churchill Fellow. I encourage you to visit her website at to appreciate the dedication and effort she has invested in this valuable project. It truly reflects her commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of refugees and our communities. I highly recommend it to you.

Keep trusting in the Lord – You will not be disappointed!

Jon & Kerry
Sheffield, England

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