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The story never ends here

It doesn’t matter what you have seen, heard, touched, tasted, felt or encountered in the most dynamic lifetime, it doesn’t end here. This is not the final chapter of the story.

There is so much more, so much, much more to come.

What has happened so far in a mere handful of thousands of years of history is but a vapour in the light of eternity, and there is more, so much more to come.

If we are going to face the future with any sense of integrity, courage or hope, we have to do so with a conviction about God. It’s a multi-layered conviction, and if any of them does not hold up under scrutiny, if they are not true – then everything else we hold precious and as a treasure crumbles like dust in our hands…

God is Omnipresent – Omniscient – Omnipotent – Immortal

Four magnificent, incommunicable attributes of God make Him indisputably distinct, unique and separate from us.

God perfectly and eternally knows all things which can be known, past, present, and future.

These are part of the very reason God is very God, and they unambiguously¬†reveal the absolute fallibility, weakness and smallness of man. That itself creates the unsurpassable joy that comes from King David’s perceptive question, “what is man that you are mindful of him?” There is no answer to that everlasting question. Love, the love of God, demonstrated in the life, obedience, death and resurrection of Christ speaks volumes that will take eternity to read, let alone understand.

God never discovers something new.

He knows all things without exception, all of the time. The discovery made by the greatest physicist in 12 years time? God already knows it. It’s not new to Him, He’s always known it. He is never surprised, never amazed. He never wonders about anything, nor does he seek information or ask questions (except when drawing men out for their own good). God can make the best decisions because he has all the facts. He knows all the possible outcomes, and all the possible effects. God knows how everything fits together. God perfectly and eternally knows all things which can be known, past, present, and future.

God is never taken by surprise. Ever.

What then about you? Your actions will surprise yourself, your mother, your loved one – but never God. Ever.

So the story never ends here. You are at this point, this place, this moment because God…

Because God knew about it before you were born.

JonThe story, the wonderful story of God’s extravagant, overwhelming, loving-kindness and grace… never ends here.

Put your trust in Christ Jesus. Forever. Whole-heartedly. Without reservation.

The story never ends here
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