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The pure in heart

The pure in heartThere is a reason why the pure in heart see God (Matthew 6) and probably, it’s not what you expect.

In the great quest for intimacy that all mankind are encouraged to pursue there is something admirable for us to pursue, but it is set against much of what people, even leaders say, think or imagine. It actually is something that some people already have.

In a frantic world that is enticed, snared, captured and enamoured by the deception of the idols of influence, charisma, finance and power there are some who know what is it is to know Christ and the power of His resurrection at work in their life. It’s more than words. The words are easy to say, difficult to prove.

Such people know the Lord. They absolutely know the Lord. They are not perfect, and they make mistakes and certainly are open to all the Christian ‘put-downs’ of being ‘unteachable, undisciplined, self-sufficient or uncommitted’.

To be fair, most of the accusations bought against such people can at times be but the control mechanisms of legalism and Jezebel in our own hearts – with the agenda of wanting others to bend to a hidden agenda, whilst silently ignoring the aspiration of their heart to follow after Him. I’m sure at this point you are saying this does not apply to you – and you are probably right but it is good to examine our motives.

We need to carefully, thoughtfully and honestly watch our own hearts as we pursue God, not quick to judge (we are so prone to get it wrong and then justify ourselves with harshness)and always, especially if we are in a place of leadership, be quick to encourage others to persevere in their pursuit of God.

Why do the pure in heart see God? Most likely because it is not so much about our pursuit of Him – but His revelation and disclosure of Himself to us. When God said that if we seek Him we will find Him, it is not because of our great labour and intense commitment to seeking, searching, looking and desiring for the unknowable, untouchable, indiscernible – but because when we look for Him with a real sense of longing and inquisitiveness, He makes Himself known. To such people, God’s pure heart becomes theirs.

Purity of heart doesn’t originate from us. It’s not our initiative or our own doing. None of us are going to be in heaven because of our own purity of heart, but because of Christ’s. He is the one who is pure in heart – and He gives His heart to us. It is the heart of Christ.

The pure in heart are the ones who have learned not to trust their own heart, but to trust Him. They long for His ways of thinking, His counsel, His leading. For someone growing in maturity and wisdom it is not, “What would Jesus do?” but, far better, “What did Jesus do?”

All of our identity, our pivotal moments, our best moments – are found in what Jesus not only has done, but who He is, on our behalf. Our only contribution is the extent to which we recognise our feebleness and His contrasting omnipotence, omniscience and uniqueness.

He is not like us. We are created beings. He is eternal, uncreated, knows all things. Nothing is ever new to Him, or a discovery or surprise. He is infinite in knowing, wisdom, power and being. He will never know more or less than He does, never be more loving or gracious than He is, or be more or less glorious than He is right now, in this moment. The pure in heart are those who learn to quietly, confidently and measuredly put their trust, hope and confidence in Jesus.

JonWe need to stop feeling the need to reassure ourselves again, and again and again, that God loves us, cares for us, is committed to us. To have any other stance is to bring God down to our level, to call God to account out of our own hearts of suspicion, distrust and scepticism. The pure in heart will see God because, they have fully given themselves to Him. It’s a call that God extends to you. It is the greatest, most precious and truly eternal treasure.

The pure in heart
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