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Who closed the door?

There’s a riveting moment, standing on the precipice of God’s impending judgment, where the earth presented a rather tumultuous scene.

Noah’s ark was more than a rowing boat! It was a huge expansive vessel in the midst of an otherwise ordinary landscape, sawdust painting the grounds as a testament to years of labour. Wood remnants, perhaps shapes that didn’t quite fit the ark’s meticulous design, lay scattered, alongside tools that had played their part and were now discarded.

The footpath leading to the ark was a marvel in itself, shaped by the countless pairs of hooves, paws, and feet of the myriad creatures making their divinely appointed journey. The trees swayed, perhaps whispering ancient songs of old, as the skies, heavy with anticipation, loomed above. And there, in the heart of it all, stood Noah’s Ark.

Poetic I know, but the the picture I want to give you warrants it, but one of the most stirring moments in this vibrant tableau isn’t the hustle of animals, or even the gathering clouds foretelling the impending rain. It’s about the door of the ark. Once the enormous range of creatures had settled and the last footprints imprinted on the earthen path, who was it that shut the door?

Genesis 7:16 (ESV) gently enlightens, “And those that entered, male and female of all flesh, went in as God had commanded him. And the LORD shut him in.”

It was the LORD. Amidst the sawdust, amidst the looming storm, amidst the resonance of uncertainty, it was God’s touch that sealed the door. This act, seemingly simple, was rich with metaphor. More than protection from the surging waters, it was emblematic of the shielding embrace of God’s grace.

Today, in our world of chaos and clamour, we might often find ourselves surrounded by our own version of sawdust – remnants of past efforts, traces of our own journeys and adventures undertaken. Yet, amidst it all, the profound lesson from Noah’s Ark remains: it’s not merely our efforts that shelter us, it’s God’s ever-watchful grace.

Why does this vivid scenery, this snapshot from an ancient era, matter to us today?

It’s a poignant reminder of how, in the midst of our messy landscapes – our own sawdust moments and discarded tools – God’s hand is ever at work. He doesn’t like Cliff Richards’ song, just watch from a distance; He’s intricately involved, ensuring our safety, sealing doors against impending floods.

In the rich tapestries of our existence, with its myriad colours and textures, we can encourage each other to find solace in the fact that even when we’re surrounded by the by-products of our toil, even our off-cuts, mis-measurements and gnarled moments we’re held secure by a grace that never falters.

As we go through the narrative of our lives, amidst the ‘sawdust’ and ‘discarded tools’, may the story of Noah’s Ark, of that closed door, be an echoing refrain: the Lord’s grace is attentive, proactive, and profound.

Even amidst the clutter of our life’s endeavours, there is a divine hand, ensuring that we remain protected, loved, and, above all, ‘graced’.

Who closed the door?
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