Unlocking your true potential

Unlocking your true potentialThe public image of the prophetic ministry has been something of a spin-doctor’s delight. A constant flow of signs and wonders, miracles, healings, angels, portals, visitations and dreams and visions are constantly paraded by many to be the norm.

Happily,  from stories that are beginning to surface, it would appear that they are slowly becoming to be just that!

A life that is naturally supernatural is one that is worth more than you could ever pay for, it seems. But is that what the prophetic ministry is really about?

When God gave the instruction to his servant Joel to prophesy the wonders of what was to come (Joel 2), he also implied that there would be context.

In the days that God poured out his Spirit on all flesh, there would be serious ramifications and consequences. It would be a radical stirring of the people of God that passed by all the limitations and restrictions that culture would consider its status quo.

Consider the variables. In an outpouring of God’s Spirit in the last days (itself a contentious issue!) it would affect, influence and stir men and women, children and adults, rich and poor. slave and free. Not only that, but the rich outpouring of God would also come by virtue of dreams and visions, signs and wonders—and the consequences of such an extravagant outpouring of God’s grace in all its fullness and completeness, was that everyone who called on the Name of the Lord would be saved.

Right there is the true focus and emphasis of the prophetic ministry. Paul Cain did well to refer so often to himself humbly as an evangelist, for at the heart of the prophetic is the gospel. We need to hear the gospel regularly. Consider this, all have sinned against God. Do you feel the terrible weight of that? But there is hope, Christ died for our sin, in our place and as our substitute—atoning for ALL our sin and imputing his own matchless righteousness and holiness to us. For free.

I am convinced that God wants the Cross to be central to the prophetic ministry. Yes, God speaks direction and guidance for the future, but it is consistent with the Scriptures—and its heart, like all Scripture, is mindful of the Cross of Christ.

Whoever calls on the Name of the Lord shall be saved.

Your true prophetic potential is realised not in dreams and visions–God will only ever reveal or disclose himself to the extent that he wants to, not because you have discovered keys or techniques that take you to another level. The prophet Samuel heard God when God spoke, not when God was not speaking.

And God is not always speaking. But He is always listening, and anyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be heard and will be saved.

Your true potential in the prophetic ministry is unlocked when you give yourself to sharing the most radical truth that can ever be whispered in the ear of mankind–the gospel of God.

The visions and dreams, the signs and wonders are the extravagant encouragement of God but don’t ussume you are a prophet based on them–don’t mistakenly use your function as a title.

JonEverything that the apostle Paul preached and taught was referencing the awesome gospel of God. My conviction is that this, too, should be a hallmark of honest, godly and authentic prophetic ministry. Keep sharing the good news about Jesus. Some of you already are–keep up the good work. When Christ appears you really will not be ashamed!

Keep honouring Christ in all you say and do!