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God speaks

God speaksThere is a lot of interest in the subject of hearing God speaking today, and with good reason. Have you heard God speak?

The Bible is clear throughout the narratives of the Old and New Testament that God is an approachable God who speaks. That is, He communicates to us in a language we understand.

He communicates to mankind His Will and Intention, otherwise, how else would you know what He requires of you and how you can please Him – or if you please Him? Trial and error would be amusing to watch and certainly not work!

The book of Genesis starts the awesome story of God’s redemptive purpose for mankind, not by explaining in great detail everything about God – but that God likes to speak and does! He does not stutter – His words are direct, unambiguous, life-imparting and audible.

God likes to speak and does! He does not stutter – His words are direct, unambiguous, life-imparting and audible.

They are sounds that can be heard, and by the genius of God’s creation of our brains, translated into words that we can understand, trust and obey.

The writer of the Hebrews sermon encourages us further, saying that God spoke many times and in various ways. God has suddenly fallen silent because we now have the Bible. If God is with us, and He is a speaking God (and more emotively, our Loving heavenly Father) then I can expect that God will speak to me.

Yes, He does speak primarily through the Scriptures, but there are times when He communicates to us through thoughts, impressions, dreams. Just like dreams and visions, we can’t force God to speak to us with an audible voice. But He can, and does. If I post a post on this site with the title, “5 Ways to hear the Audible voice of God!” it would have a lot of hits.

If you want someone to speak to you there are three things you can do; spend time with the person, speak to them and listen. Spend time with God, talk to Him and listen.

Samuel – God hears, but so does Samuel!

Samuel is a good example, although God changed things around a bit. You know the story well, but in the conclusion, the Lord came and stood there, calling as at the other times, “Samuel! Samuel!” The Lord came to Samuel, then called out his name, and then spoke. He did it in a way that we do!

Samuel started life with the name, “God heard”, but soon it came about that Samuel heard!

JonHow do you hear God? Well, it starts with listening, but those three things will serve you well as a lifetime discipline. Be with Him, speak and listen.

One final thought, to listen means to obey. If you are not obeying, you are not listening.

God speaks
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