This is not my work – but I don’t want you to miss it! I recently stumbled upon this great podcast series called “Gospel Sanity for Young Pastors”.  This is a brilliant series for everyone to listen to, and especially if you’re a young pastor. I wish I had the benefit of this series when I first went into the ministry as a very poorly equiped pastor in a pentecostal Church! 

You will want to see the connection between the grace of God received in Jesus and seeing that grace then express itself and shape and define the kind of church you operate in and the kind of relationships we have in our churches.

As a church leader you might be thinking, “What on earth have I signed up for? How do I get out of here? Why do I resent what I do? Am I in danger of no longer believing in this ministry?” Roy Ortland and Sam Allberry would like the privilege of serving you and putting a fresh heart into you because You’re Not Crazy.

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