Brendan McCauleyDo you know the Irish Prophet? Just over three years ago whilst in prayer the Lord showed me that I would meet an Irish prophet. Nothing more, just “you’ll meet an Irish prophet.” At first I wondered if it was because I either might not take them seriously, or that I should be on the lookout for them.

I asked friends and no-one seemed to have heard of him or knew anyone who might know, eventually I thought if anyone would know, Paul Cain would know, but he didn’t either. So I waited.

A little while ago I was watching a YouTube clip of a meeting and on the right of the screen the options for other clips suggested one that took my attention. I clicked on it to hear someone say, “Please welcome Brendan McCauley, you may know him as ‘the Irish Prophet!'” It got my attention!

I contacted Brendan saying that I didn’t know if I had a word from God for him, or if he would have one for me, or we were just meant to meet? Graciously he just invited me to come over to Ireland anytime, and stay with him. What I didn’t know at this time was that the Lord had spoken to him in a dream saying that “there was a man looking for him!”

Brendan is keen to see anyone, from any walk of life moving in the things of God and just as importantly, enjoying their walk in God.

Brendan and his wife Angela are extraordinary in so many ways. They have 14 children, all of which are University graduates and love the Lord, but the really amazing testimony is not just that Brendan was healed of psoriasis, but that Angela was dramatically healed of bowel cancer. They now travel together telling of God’s kindness and His willingness to do the same for others.

One thing is obvious about them both; their love for people. When the Lord said I would meet an Irish prophet I expected all sorts of things but I didn’t realise the package they come as – loving God, loving people and a real sense of credibility in their desire to serve the Lord left us with a an inspiring encouragement to do the same. And the Irish humour was legendary!

Their commitment to reach people on both sides of the religious divide in Ireland is encouraging, as is their non-judgmental, non-religious approach to the prophetic ministry. Brendan is keen to see anyone, from any walk of life moving in the things of God and just as importantly, enjoying their walk in God.

JonI don’t usually write about specific people, but I was impacted by the friendliness of Brendan and Angela, including two of their daughters who we met; Mary and Angela who treat these total strangers from England not just as friends, but as family.

They raised the bar so high, but then he is after all, the Irish Prophet.

The Irish Prophet
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