A brief introduction …

Jon and KerryWelcome to Prophetic Agenda! Over the years, I have created several websites that encourage churches and Christians to engage more with the Prophetic Ministry and gifts of the Spirit.

I have also aimed to provide a more scripture-based perspective on the prophetic ministry, encouraging those on the fringe to step up and be more than spectators.

There are many resources available today that provide everything you need to know about prophets and prophecy. Despite my lack of expertise, I am happy if the tiniest comment I write here proves useful to you. If you are struggling with feelings of irrelevance or lack of opportunity in ministry, I understand and relate closely, but I urge you to remain faithful and keep pressing into God. Things can change in a heartbeat.


With Prophetic Agenda, I am sharing some of the things that are on my heart and challenging, provoking, and encouraging faith so that people intentionally step out into the things God has planned for them. My focus is on fostering a more scripture-based perspective on prophetic gifts, teachings, and practices. I aim to address various aspects of the prophetic ministry, including:

  • Help believers discover and develop their prophetic gifts and callings.
  • Provide guidance and resources to understand the role of prophets and prophetic ministry in the modern world.
  • Share insights on the prophetic aspects of the Bible, both Old and New Testaments.
  • Address misconceptions and controversies about the prophetic ministry and restore trust and hope in believers.
  • Teach the importance of discernment, accountability, and balance in the prophetic ministry.
  • Highlight testimonies of God’s work through prophetic ministry to inspire and encourage others in their faith journey.
  • Promote the role of prophetic ministry in empowering believers to fulfill their God-given destinies and actively participate in God’s plan for their lives and the world.
  • Encourage a spirit-led approach to ministry, emphasizing the importance of prayer and reliance on the Holy Spirit.

My desire: Restoring hope in the heart of believers

I have a real heart-felt desire to restore hope in the heart of the believer by providing a scripture-honouring approach to the prophetic ministry. While some prophetic ministries, particularly in the US, have received negative attention in recent years, I see this as an opportunity to reorient our perspective and purpose. Let us face the challenges before us with a positive attitude, treating other prophets and ministries with respect.

We have much to gain by guiding each other on how to do things. God is with us and not against us, and we too must express this across the entire Church. Sure, some things are weird, but then so were some of the prophets of old!

In a world stricken by pandemics, it is easy for people to lose sight of what God is doing, what He has promised, and how the Holy Spirit wants to empower them to accomplish great things both as individuals and, more importantly, corporately as the body of Christ.

Watching the clock

When we pray for people or encourage them, especially with prophetic words, we want to bring something of the presence of God to them. Our lives are shaped by the Old Testament prophets, who are like the hour hand of a clock, while the prophetic ministry (when it is accurately communicating the burden of the Lord and the emancipating heart of God) resembles the minute hand. It is only together that we can truly begin to comprehend the hour, showing what God has done, is doing and what lies ahead, redeeming the hour because the days are evil.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I will write freely about what comes to mind, even if it may not be of significant importance. However, I am aware of my limitations and will try my best to make you feel like you are my only reader. Or maybe you are.

Together, let’s pursue a deeper understanding of the prophetic ministry and how it can empower us to fulfil our God-given destinies. Let’s seek to bring God’s presence to those around us and actively participate in His plan for our lives and the world.

Keep trusting the Lord – You will not be disappointed!

Jon & Kerry
Sheffield, England