The Church Unveiled – Called, Cultured, and Empowered

By | 7 March 2023


In a changing world, the Church is called to its mission – an urgent duty demanding attention. Amidst complexities like postmodern mindsets, geopolitical tensions, economic crises, and gender identity debates, the need for action is critical. We stand on the brink of change, with the power to bring positive transformation. As believers, we bridge gaps, heal wounds, and spread love, anchored in our Biblical roots. Challenges are immense, yet they reveal the Church’s relevance, resilience, and redemptive power. Complacency isn’t an option; the world needs our faith, grace, and action to embody the divine mandate. We are the unveiled Church – called, cultured, and empowered to establish God’s kingdom here on earth. This post 1 of a 7 part series.

I think that on the top of priorities for the Church today is urgency for it to be missional. The Church—God’s chosen vessel, His bride—stands as a place of hope, imbued with divine mandates that shape its identity, destiny and mission. These divine commands encapsulate the worship of God, the cultivation of a thriving fellowship, the embodiment of social compassion, and an unwavering commitment to healing—both spiritual and physical. God is in our midst and still moving in power by the Holy Spirit.

In our day, the call for the Church to fulfil these divine mandates resonates with an urgency like never before. We find ourselves caught in a web of challenges and crises that have the potential to shake the Church’s foundations, yet also provide an unparalleled opportunity to demonstrate its God-empowered relevance and resilience.

The faith and hope-stripping postmodern mindset, with its tendency to question absolute truths and deconstruct traditional norms, leaves many grappling with scepticism and doubt. This creeping doubt attempts to cast a shadow over the divine authority of the Bible, God’s inspired Word, leading to a crisis of faith for some Christians. It is here, in the crucible of doubt, that the Church is called to affirm its faith and reliance on God’s Word with unwavering conviction.

Similarly, the threat of military conflict, especially in Russia’s dreadful war with Ukraine affects Europe, ripples through global consciousness, stirring up fear and uncertainty. As a beacon of hope and peace amidst a world riddled with conflict, the Church is called to echo Christ’s peace that surpasses understanding (Philippians 4:7) and to stand as a testament to His teachings of reconciliation, love, and forgiveness (Matthew 5:9, 44).

Close to hand, the continuing cost of living crisis adds to the increasing strain on societal fabric. The call to social concern here is not merely a call to charity, but a challenge for the Church to examine economic structures critically, to advocate for justice, and to offer practical, compassionate responses to alleviate the burdens of those hit hardest by these crises (Isaiah 1:17), something that the church through food banks, CAP and other ministries is doing with a sense of excellence.

In an era brimming with challenges, the Church is commissioned to not merely endure, but to emerge as a beacon of God’s unchanging love, truth, and power. For such a time as this, we are here, the Church unveiled, called, cultured, and empowered.

Even in the midst of gender identity issues, the Church finds itself navigating a complex dialogue between upholding biblical teachings and demonstrating Christ’s inclusive love. Even here, there lies an invitation for the Church to create safe spaces for dialogue, to listen, to learn, and to respond with both grace and truth (John 1:14).

Against this backdrop of mounting pressures, it becomes imperative to remember our roots, to trace back our lineage to the ancient faith, and to reinforce our steadfast trust in God’s sovereign design.

The biblical narrative during the reign of King Hezekiah provides an illuminating touchstone.

Hezekiah’s reign was one marked by sweeping reforms and profound faith amidst adversity. Notably, it was during his reign that the prophet Isaiah delivered prophecies of both judgement and restoration. As Isaiah stood as a statesman of faith and truth amidst a society steeped in disbelief and idolatry, we are reminded of the encouraging prophetic role the Church is called to fulfil today.

Isaiah’s prophecy foretelling restoration and revival—predicated on the people’s return to their faith—is a beacon of hope for our contemporary context. Just as Isaiah envisioned a revival following repentance and return to God, so too can we expect a resurgence of faith, love, and power in the Church as we return to our first love (Revelation 2:4-5).

The prophetic parallel with Isaiah and Hezekiah’s time is a clarion call for the Church today—a call to rise to the divine mandates with renewed fervour and spirit-led power.


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