Prophets & Prophecy

There are enough books and websites available today to give you everything you need to know about prophets and prophecy. Despite my lack of expertise, I am happy if the tiniest comment I have written here proves useful to you. For any struggling with feelings of irrelevance or lack of opportunity in ministry, I understand and relate closely, but I urge you to remain faithful and keep pressing into God. Things can change in a heartbeat.

This website was as encouragement for prophetic individuals in their local church, and as you read, I assume that you are also looking to encourage what is happening in your midst with the prophetic ministry. Write your own notes

The more I learn about the prophetic ministry, the more I realise how little I actually know. The prophetic ministry is an encouraging and multi-layered topic, and I only feel qualified to write about it because of my experiences with a few prophetic ministries that I was friends with before they passed away.

Despite those friendships and my own limited experience of the prophetic ministry, I am barely qualified to write about it but have no other agenda than to share observations that may prove to be beneficial to you.

In retrospect, those friendships gave me much to think about and gave me insights into their ministry styles, frustrations, and weaknesses. Although I do not mention their names, some of the things I mention here may be based on observations, learning or discussions I had with them, or more recently, with other prophetic friends that are alive today.

Prophecy has grown and matured as an essential and distinctive gift in the life and heart of the church

Over the years, I have seen, heard, weighed, and experienced a great deal of what has been deemed “the prophetic”. The charismatic Church has been on an interesting journey.

During the last forty years, much change has taken place, and in that transition, the use of prophecy has grown and matured as a distinctive gift in the life and heart of the church.

I understand if you see things differently to me; having a different perspective is totally understandable and very much appreciated. It’s totally okay if we don’t share the same viewpoint – that’s what makes us unique! In many cases, disagreements can actually be really beneficial because they provide an opportunity for us to better understand each other and help those we serve.

Joel 2 has shaped the radical edge that we have as prophetic people on an apostolic mission together.

Some of the prophetic contribution to the life of the church will startle you with the kindness, mercy and blessing of God and can be like flicking the power switch to ON! We are a prophetic Church. Joel 2 has shaped the radical edge that we have as prophetic people on an apostolic mission together.

Prophecy is a huge topic with a lot of different facets, and I haven’t been able to qualify or quantify everything as thoroughly as I would like. In answer to the question “What is prophecy?” My friend and pastor, Arnold Bell introduced prophecy in his message on Romans 12 with these few words,

“Generally, prophecy can be explained in a wide range of ways, but it is basically a revelation, a thought that God gives to a person and expresses through words. This is a verbal revelation with a whole spectrum of meaning.” – Arnold Bell

As I continue to listen to others talk about the prophetic ministry or the gifts of the Spirit, I realise more and more that there is a need for open discussion and conversation. My website is an ongoing project, so there will be periodic updates and revisions.

JonGod never leaves us to our own devices. In these difficult times, it’s not surprising that we would turn to God for help. And when we do, we should be open to receiving guidance from Heaven.