Where are the prophets when you need them?

image 12 e1462460178241You might be asking that very question because of the insurmountable difficulty of the situation that faces you, or because you just need to know that God is near, very near.

We’re built to hear God, to know His approval and to grow in him, not to muddle through life on our own, with a book about God – but never hearing Him. God has given prophets as a gift to the Church and they are there to help you.


Even if you don’t believe in ‘that stuff’ anymore. Even if skepticism has ripped the heart out of your preaching and left you with gut-wrenching disillusionment. Listening to the prophetic message could change your life, your ministry, your marriage, everything. Authentic prophetic ministry will restore hope in the heart of the believer, it will restore vision and strengthen the weakest believer.

For those who say that prophecy is not for today I would ask a simple question. The Spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus.  Are you really saying that Jesus is doing nothing, when you say that prophecy is not for today?

Why on earth would God stop speaking?

I am going to guess at your evangelical answer. And it is a good answer. The Bible.

As John Wimber used to say, “God’s got a book out”. I will let you into a secret. Genuine, God-sent prophetic ministry may have a higher regard for the infallibility, inerrancy and total inspiration of scripture than you do.

Prophets are convinced about the immutability of God. They are stirred in their spirit with the vocabulary defying glory of God that is being displayed in the heavens and earth, and the Shekinah glory that will be like the light of a hundred thousand Sun’s when see the Son of God in full view in the age to come – that is not so far away.

God speaks through His prophets. That’s not really a new concept or idea but His.

The Church is built on the foundation of the Apostles and the Prophets.

I have been around men and women with prophetic ministry long enough to know that there is a genuine, godly, Christ-glorifying and inspiring ministry in evidence today. In our churches we are so impoverished if we do not allow God to speak to us that fresh direction, affirmation and encouragement that comes from His initiative in the authentic, Spirit-led ministry of the Prophetic.

Ask yourself a question about this website. We encourage you to read books by Piper, MacArthur, Keller, Driscoll, Bruggemann, Calvin, Stott, Fee, Virgo, Grudem… why????

The answer is that we value greatly the wonderful work of God in the Church and the great riches of Scripture.

Our starting point for prophetic ministry is a deep understanding of God’s inspired Word. It alone can change nations.

Buried deep in the scriptures is the encouragement that you and I need in this day and age.

The prophetic ministry brings it to the surface and plants it deep in your heart.

The question is – what are we going to do with some of the prophets that you are thinking of right now? Let’s encourage them to press on to maturity in God, develop relationships and be accountable to the local Church.

Should we then just ignore the so called prophet that does not belong to a local church or have relationship and accountability to them? Absolutely! We have got to have prophets that we can trust. Prophets who know God, are accountable not just to God (they are the worst of all misguided prophets) but to their local Church leadership, and to friends. We are not on a single mission with our own agenda, we are a people on a mission together.

Prophets that eat, laugh, worship, cry, and play-fight together with kingdom friends and family are not just friends for life, but prophets with life.

Where are the prophets when you need them? They are nearby, probably mindful of you and your circumstance and God’s kind response to it.

Speaking from experience, prophets like cake. If you want to get their attention…