awol 2Here’s the picture the pastor stands up to preach, knows his subject, has studied the Greek and Hebrew texts, and done his research.

The prophetic minister stands up on the Sunday morning, points out someone who he doesn’t know and shares with them what God is saying! Toe curling moment!

And then, to make things even worse, often does not get any feedback on how the pastor felt things went.

Churches have to learn to give prophetic ministries feedback. That feedback includes both negative and positive comments, but with guidance, advice and direction.

Prophetic people for the most part, have a need to know that their steps of faith are appreciated. Behind the scenes usually, is a huge amount of time spent seeking God. Praying, asking, and praying. Most of the time they don’t want profile or recognition, they just need a private nudge of “well done, keep going!”

Prophets go through a crisis of confidence when they feel that God has shown them something and it doesn’t turn out the way they thought. The frustration of feeling that they have heard from God, and then when they ask for opportunity to share and are declined, can be difficult to bear.

Many prophetic ministries in the local church may have things to share but the opportunity given is a 3 minute window during the worship on Sunday morning. It may feel to the prophetic ministry that their gift is not needed, and that the ‘professional’ church leaders have everything in hand.

Prophetic ministry has to be encouraged to keep looking to God as the source of their call, inspiration and vision. If God has spoken to them, and they do not see the opportunity to work out that calling, they can be sure that no matter how much they do not understand the moment, God does, and God is always watching their heart.

If you feel that others are getting opportunities, or that the vision is not coming to pass, don’t give up hope. God is the author of your calling and you need to be a shining example of what it means to be a servant. God is looking, and so is the Church!

Don’t give up hope.

God is good.