I have written the pages on this website with a real sense of conviction and with enthusiasm, but I have to encourage you to be ‘Berean’ about everything that I have written – to check for yourself in the scriptures to see not only if it is what the Bible says, but to ensure that it is taken in context and against the general tenure of Scripture. (Acts 17:11)

I also need to ensure that you don’t think any more highly of me than you should. Some people say that they are ‘nobody’, but in the big picture of things, that certainly is true of me.

I am a member of a New Frontiers Church and everything I have written here is solely with a heart that is looking for, and believing for the best for God’s people and with a longing to see God move in great ways amongst the Church.

Why have I said these things? I just want you to know that in all of my encouragement concerning the church, prophets & prophecy that I have no other agenda, other than for people to step into the things of God with great confidence, faith and with a greater sense of the wonderful grace that God gives to all who approach Him. It also means that if I clearly express that these are my opinions, that I am not purporting to be an expert, I’m not ‘telling anyone off’, neither am I looking for profile, position or recognition.

So having said that, I feel free to write about whatever comes to mind without feeling I need to justify myself or my position! And if a mere ‘pew-filler’ is getting these things, surely others are being encouraged to ‘get with it!’

I am also aware of the reality that out of the 7 billion people on the Earth, only a handful of people are actually aware of this website or read it. Many of my words will be no more than a whisper in the wind, but I am certain I do have my feet planted firmly on the ground, and will continue to write with conviction and a degree of excitement!

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