An emphasis on truth

ShortNotesThe prophetic ministry throughout Church history, wherever its presence has been felt is committed to Truth.

Jesus said that we would know the truth and that the truth would set us free. (John 8:32) John Wesley interpreted that verse as, “The truth – written in your hearts by the Spirit of God, shall make you free – from guilt, sin, misery, satan”.

Surely this is a remit of the prophetic ministry! To have a heart jealous for God’s glory and insisting that the Church stays free from the snares of the evil one – looking to Jesus only! Only God’s truth, not the philosophies of men, punchy statements, or power statements, changes men’s hearts. Anything else simply is not true! If it is not truth – it’s also false!

I am convinced that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been misrepresented, misunderstood, and marginalized in many churches and among many who claim the name of Christ. Compromise of the Gospel by some prophetic ministries has led to the preaching of false gospels, the seduction of many minds and movements, and the weakening of the church’s Gospel witness.

Authentic prophetic ministry loves and cherishes the truth. Truth is only ever expressed in Christ.

Everything that Jesus did bore witness to the truth and was aligned with the scriptures. Jesus would later show the Emmaus disciples how the scriptures at every level, also attested to Him.

In a post-modern world where the outrageous issue is raised that there is no such thing as truth, Christ alone stands unique in history with the dynamic claim that He alone is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

It is not even that He is the truth about God, He IS Truth. And so it is clear to see, that in speaking on His behalf with the prophetic that we should carry that same sense of authenticity when reporting what we hear, see and sense He is saying. Which means if He has not clearly shown, or told us something we should not say He has. I’m sure you wouldn’t, but some do at times.

If you are careful with this, God will trust you with much more.

Watch out for where things are basically just not true – you will know those things by studying the scriptures. Not everything that is ‘positive speak’ is the truth. God never promised us that we would not see troubles – but He DID promise to be with us in our moments of hardship.

Truth is Exciting!

Doctrine and theology are so vital to prophetic ministry. Sadly, many prophetic people view doctrine and theological study as boring and irrelevant. The people who have influenced me so much with their teaching, insights or ministry wouldn’t all necessarily ever be found preaching from the same pulpit. That diversity is what has made them who they are. Certainly, in heaven, they will all eat from the same table, next to each other…

Our passion for the truth has also to be tempered by our God-given love for one another. The truth shall make people free, not lay heavy burdens on them. That is where things move from liberating truth to the oppression of legalism.

Truth affects our behaviour and what we say

Truth also needs to affect our vocabulary. Some words like ‘ought, should, must,’ are among a few words that need to be removed, ushering instead the concept that we ‘want’ to do things for God. Truth affects our lifestyle too, even in areas such as giving where we give because we want to, not because of a regulation ‘making’ us give – it’s so easy to give cheerfully when you want to, and that is the way God always wanted it to be! That’s a truth!

Don’t be afraid to ask where something is in the scriptures. God is truth and will reveal Himself.