It’s about time!

20190115 110351 e1547576545476Church is brilliant. When we gather and worship together, hear the magnificent gospel and see others joining with us whose lives are being transformed and changed by Jesus it can be (and should be) inspiring and encouraging. You can feel that sense of, “It’s time – this is it!”

Monday arrives, you have overslept, the tire has a puncture, the bus is missing. You forgot your sandwiches and left your money at home. That buzz from Sunday turns into a niggle. You decide you need to do a ‘reality check’ – but the wrong one. It’s very easy to forget that we are to take the promise and our encounter with God into our everyday life and allow it to change us and slowly permeate things. The thing is that these things take time, and although we have the same amount of time in a day as God, we never seem to have enough, and the things that God showed, stirred us with and promised, takes so very long. Why does God always seem to take so long, to come through at the last minute?

God doesn’t leave things until the last minute, He leaves it until the right, precise moment.

The answer is that God doesn’t leave it until the last minute, He leaves it until the right, precise moment. With you, anytime will do, but with God, in His infinite love, patience, kindness and wisdom everything has its proper moment and place. Confidence in that wonderful attribute of God changes your perspective on time. He is a loving God and He just asks two things of you; that you wait and that you wait. Your Father knows – knows that you have need and He’s not ignoring you.

Charismatic time

We forget too, in our ‘charismatic’ life with God shifting things and stuff, realigning everything and pumping up the anointing level, that things take time. The prophets of old were not having revelations, dreams and visions as much as some of our people do, not even Elijah! We read Mark’s Gospel in just over an hour and then expect everything in it to happen to us, here and now! It will come, but patience and endurance will help you significantly. Wait patiently for the Lord. You will be tempted to rush off, maybe even do silly things like Saul did to speed things up. (1 Sam 13:8), maybe to give up and question what the Lord placed in your heart.

The evil one will be in the dark shadows motioning to you, ‘tapping the watch’, he will never encourage you to be patient and to look to the Lord. You are not wasting your time using your time to wait on Him.


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