Moving on!

Moving on!

After a brief hiatus and removing a lot of the old content from my website, I am now back.

Jon Cressey
Jon Cressey
Moving on!

The last 18 months, like for so many of you, have allowed me lots of time to think, reset, renew and reconsider almost everything! The constant in all of it has been God – I am thankful for His grace, kindness and patience with my life! I am happy to say that after a brief hiatus and removing a lot of the old content from my website, I am now back.

Exhortation, encouragement and edification

I wanted to make sure that what I have for you here comes under that Spirit-inspired imperative of exhortation, encouragement and edification. I know the site is a valuable resource for many of you and so I am trialling some new content style and posts in an effort to keep expanding the site and keep it not just active but relevant, challenging and thought-provoking. A few more posts will disappear whilst I finish tidying up!

Personally speaking

The coming posts and articles will be structured slightly differently, mostly (unusually for me) in the 1st person and will be in a more arbitrary arrangement. This is just to make my life easier. My work has got busier (zoomed out) and more important and so it takes priority for now! I hope to share more on my discoveries later. Thanks for the patience and I hope you like what is to come.

Notwithstanding, I have had a few emails from friends asking what I think about these days, particularly with Covid, the unprecedented weather conditions across the world and what God might be saying. I know what is on their mind. Are these the last times? The answer is an easy one, “Yes!” but an explanation is not only essential, but necessitates a cautious response and  lengthy conversation.” That conversation (or explanation) is important so that we have understanding and sense of context so that we can respond to the moment(s) in faith and conviction, rather than fear. We are in God’s good and capable hands.

Time is short!

The apostle Paul set things in motion when he wrote that “time is short… this world in its present form is passing away.” (1 Cor 7:29-31) This probably caused some anxiety to those who were as yet unmarried! For us it is even more true, and certainly when it comes to the last days, you can’t get later than the day that you are in now!

2 Timoth 3:1-7 makes for thought-provoking reading!

Seismic activity…

Looking back to look forward, I had some things on my mind in Turkey in 2019 that I think are relevant to today and have a growing conviction that God is doing something unprecedented to, with and for us! As always, He does these things for His glory, but it is good to know we are included in His plans and purposes. We are moving into 2022 with God already there to welcome us!

I’m one of those people who (unduly, but working on it) cares about what people think and say about me, so I need to confess that I do know my own short-comings and relevance, and  the reality check for me, for years has been that I am properly aware the world is not beating their way to my website to hear the ‘now word of the Lord’. That said, I do think I have enough crumbs from the table to give encouragement to any friend that draws near. As a result, I hope you will be greatly encouraged with the next few posts when I share about the seismic activity to come.

“God on the move” is always a sight to behold, especially when you are in the best seats of the house.

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    So glad I found this website! Keep up the great work John and don’t let discouragment ever wear you down.

    God bless,
    Richard ParhM

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