The Disturbing Sound of Silence!

During pandemic lock-down I’ve had a few songs rattling around in my head, and decided to share a few of them with you – the last one was mad world. There are often phrases or images that grip me for some

soundreason – what key phrase in a song or film triggers deep, emotional responses in you? Simon and Garfunkel’s classic, “Sound of Silence” is another one that nails it for me.

I’m not completely certain why it stirs something inside of me powerfully, but perhaps it is the idea of the underground prophets writing messages to the people on the city’s ‘subway walls and tenement halls’. The cover version by Disturbed with its visual and gutsy vocal delivery is worth watching, particularly when he addresses the people bowing and praying to the neon god THEY made. That was a clever and insightful interpretation of the classic song.

A ‘Malachi’ season?

During Covid lockdown we’ve had a lot of time to think, but as far as the sound of profound silence goes, I’m not convinced it’s the end of the story.

Throughout this time it may feel as if we were in a “Malachi” season, having our own prolonged page in history where the prophetic voice seemingly is silent. In some places we have heard a good deal of gibberish in the last few years under the guise of prophecy. Thankfully, authentic scripture-honouring prophetic voices throughout the Church have been sensitive to the voice of our wonderful God as He continues to speak.

When it invariably comes to speaking, he can’t stop! God does not conceal himself but reveals himself, his glory, majesty, purpose and plans. through His word and by His Spirit.

Barbarian prophets?

Go is it work – and so are we. We’re not anticipating a so-called time of Barbarian Prophets shouting words of wrath at a troubled and crushed world that are so confused they don’t know where to turn or who to trust. We are the light set on the hill that speaks tenderly to the world and all who will listen. We’re also not going to see a sudden resurgence of the prophetic gift or ministry, because it never went away.

So, how does God speak to a nation? How does He convict the world in its current dilemma of sin, righteousness and the judgement to come? He does it through the church We are His envoy, voice, hands and feet.

God has not stopped speaking and despite the driving melody of this song, the message is adrift by far. There definitely is not a sound of silence – there will be one day(Revelation 8:1-5 ) however, for now, God is still speaking.

But the song is still a good one.