The glorious Church!

As a brand new Christian saved in a Pentecostal crusade with the thick smoke of fire and brimstone preaching swirling around me and the antichrist waiting in the wings of the Europe ready to bring about terrible catastrophe in the hearts, minds and lives of every soul on planet Earth that had not been raptured – with such a vision I anticipated the approaching hoofbeats of the four horses of the apocalypse before Christmas 1979.

Gladly, I made it past Christmas and slowly began my journey through life, enjoying God’s blessings and the joy of life as it unfolded. I have never lost sight of the bigger picture though, in these days we seem to have forgotten the fact that Christ is returning for the Church. Our big focus is revival.

The days we live in look bad, lawlessness has swept through society and we constantly need to protect our hearts and encourage each other so that the love of many does not grow cold, or weary.

Internationally, everything is falling to pieces. Israel is selling weapons to Russia, Russia is selling them to Israel’s enemiesi, North Korea wants to take on the world with its vast underfed, frightened army and British politicians are scaring the living daylights out of their people with lies, and scenarios to protect their massive financial interests. The money-god of the West is alive and well, despite a near decapitation by recession.

Into that mix, facing a post-modern world that has attempted to free itself of the lure of absolute truth, comes the Church. It does not stagger on to the stage of world history walking nervously, mumbling, and uttering incoherent narratives of a bygone age. It comes boldly, confidently and with faith and vision – proud of the gospel which is supremely, and uniquely the very power of God for salvation, moving ever forward, strengthened by the emergence of a renewed focus on the Word of God and the work of the Spirit in its midst.

Here comes the Church.

There are many truths that give renewed hope and energy to the Church in this day, and one of the underpinning encouragements comes roaring loud, assertive and unambiguously is the message of one of Israel’s true, inspired and anointed prophets, “The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea”. (Habakkuk 2:14)

It’s a message of vast hope for today. God is going to come through for Himself, and for His people.  Habbakuk considered that though things looked bad in his time, God had nevertheless, promised better things to come. The nations that were then in power would not succeed in their evil intentions. God would win in the end. His cause would prevail. God’s divine purposes for them would not be crushed, and neither will they for us.

The Kingdoms of this world are not going to win. God’s kingdom will prevail. Satan and all his forces cannot stop the Kingdom of God. He will try, and he has tried, but he will not succeed. Just read Daniel and put your heart at rest and stir yourself to faith and trust in God!

There will come a distinct time when the knowledge of the Lord will cover the whole earth as the waters cover the sea. From the city of Mecca in the Middle East even through to the likes of North Korea, Syria, Kuwait and America will know the Lord, not an acre of the Earth will be exempt. They will all know that the risen, ascended Christ is not only the Son of God, but that He has chosen the Church as a people of God unto Himself, and made them sons and daughters. A people who are cleansed of their sin, guiltless and blameless and reconciled to God forever – and God calls them ‘the Church’. He died for the Church, and He has plans for the Church, and is coming back to a glorious, blood-washed, Spirit-filled, Christ-exalting and Scripture-honouring Church.

Here comes the Church.

It is in this very age that the victory of the gospel in this world in which we live will be seen, and it is much  more than revival – it is a sweeping move of God in salvation that touches every single nation. Such a glorious advancement of Christ’s kingdom is near at hand.

The Church is not going down in defeat. People from all over the world are coming into the church and God is  and will establish His church and her future will be glorious.Psalm 87:3-6; Psalm 60:1-3

Let me end by sharing this video with you. This video clip is of the South Korean military Christians worshiping God.  This is just one congregation among many.  The greatest days of the Church was not at Pentecost, that was just the beginning. When the darkness is the most foreboding the light shines brightest.

Here comes the Church.

I was asked to include this video of American marines worshipping God:

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