Letter – Spring

Spring 2018, Sheffield, England

Dear Friend

I’ve never known a year to go as fast as 2018 has done so far. No doubt, that is because it has been a year of incredible challenge. Every day that we turn on the news, something new dominates the headlines. And it is rarely encouraging news.

Jesus warned us about these days, that we are to expect them. Ever since the days of the early Church, there has been the expectancy that what they faced, was the end-times. His warning was not given merely to give hope, but also to slow down our own doomsday-clock watching. There is much in life to hope for, to believe for and to prepare for. We are not waiting for society to grow so dark it finally sees the Church reflecting the brightness of God. Neither is the world going to end in a global war with nuclear exchanges, that God has to step in to save us. No, God is in charge.

Let not your heart be troubled. Whatever you see going on around you, you can be certain of one magnificent fact, God has a plan.

To be fair, it’s not even a plan. Plans can fail. God has already determined that the Supremacy of Christ will be seen in all things. And, it will.

The Church is in good hands. Our God is a good, kind, loving and lovely God, and He has not forgotten the Church. If there is anything He loves, it’s the Church! Springtime has arrived in England, life is starting to erupt. The air in the UK is saturated with the promise of a reviving. This is a good time to pause, look up and praise God, because He has a plan, and it is a very, very good one.

We are going to be pleasantly surprised.

Keep trusting the Lord – you’ll not be disappointed




Jon Cressey

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