Interviewing a few friends about their journey in the prophetic ministry or the gift of prophecy and the lessons they have learned so far. Not all are prophets, but the different answers will give you an interesting view of how God uses people in so many varied ways.

You may be able to relate to some, wonder at others. There are no right or wrong answers and few of us come from the same denomination, church background or nation, but  if we are walking with the Lord we are all part of His wonderful Church.

Different people, different responses but the same 7 questions.

My experience: Philip  Adam

  1. How, when and where did you first discern or know that God had spoken to you – and how did you know it was right?
    A. At a young people’s meeting when I was 14/15. The leader had read a story asked us all to pray and then went round the room asking what we thought God was saying. No one said but a couple of phrases but very shy me clearly heard the spirit in my ear just opened my mouth and spoke for 5 mins on Jesus being a Gardener preparing it to show his father, and how we were clearly in his hands. Nothing could be more certain to me at that moment is was the Spirit working through me.
  2. If there was a prophet from any generation that you could spend time with other than Jesus, who would it be, why and what would you want to talk about?
    A. Elijah Easy to see the big things in his life, but he had his downs and running away sessions. To be able to get his thoughts and perspective before Jesus and how he coped with the rest of life would I think be interesting and helpful.
  3. Prophets put a lot of emphasis on prayer, the bible and spending time with the Lord. Can you tell us about your daily time with the Lord?
    A. I think that there is never enough time in a busy working day, but then I realise I pray walking to the tram, waiting for the train, a lot during work and then on the way home. It’s about the discipline of what you pray, put God first. Reading and studying the bible I do find hard as I’m easily distracted at home. Read a little then pray and chew on that bit asking the spirit to make clear what the Lord is teaching you.
  4. What’s the greatest advice you could give someone who is wanting to move more in the prophetic gift or ministry  today?
    A. YES YOU CAN, pray, get others from your church to pray. Wait and listen for the spirit to speak and move, then FOLLOW. Get a servant heart.
  5. Which preacher or speaker influences you most today, and if you could have dinner with them, what food would you order?
    A. MY current leadership. MY eyesight isn’t great but boy can I see the fountain of the spirit within these guys. Simplest sharing platter to gather round, maybe a donut as a treat!
  6. What really makes you happy, and what makes you sad?
    A. Happy. Seeing someone in a captive situation being set free. Joy on their face even through tears is priceless. Soar on Eagles wings.
  7. In just a few words what would you say is a few key things God is saying at this time?
    Wake up stir yourselves get ready put oil in your lamps the Lord is moving. The tingling of my spirit “I’ve been running to the headland and Now I can see a cloud”.

Maybe you have had a journey in the prophetic ministry and feel your experience would be helpful to others, if so then why don’t you answer the questions and send them to me!

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