Interviewing a few friends about their journey in the prophetic ministry or the gift of prophecy and the lessons they have learned so far. Not all are prophets, but the different answers will give you an interesting view of how God uses people in so many varied ways.

You may be able to relate to some, wonder at others. There are no right or wrong answers and few of us come from the same denomination, church background or nation, but  if we are walking with the Lord we are all part of His wonderful Church.

Different people, different responses but the same 7 questions.

My experience: Jay. A. Hanton

  1. How, when and where did you first discern or know that God had spoken to you – and how did you know it was right?
    A. I had a word of knowledge about a work colleague, without realising it was from the Lord until it actually happened. Then I started to make connections. Shortly after that I heard an audible voice call my name in my bedroom, using my real name and not the one others used!
  2. If there was a prophet from any generation that you could spend time with other than Jesus, who would it be, why and what would you want to talk about?
    A. Probably the older prophet in 1 Kings 13 to ask why he lied to the younger prophet, and what lessons we can learn from it in this day and age, especially when so many para-church ministries seem to be promoting their ministries rather than the Church.
  3. Prophets put a lot of emphasis on prayer, the bible and spending time with the Lord. Can you tell us about your daily time with the Lord?
    A. I see it as part of my ministry and I am fortunate that I am in a position to be able to spend a few hours each day seeking God. You have to be deliberate, carve out your time for the Lord and then fit other things around it. I try to go to bed seeking the Lord, and if I awake I continue to express my love and devotion to Him. It invades your dreams too!
  4. What’s the greatest advice you could give someone who is wanting to move more in the prophetic gift or ministry  today?
    A. Can’t beat the advice of Paul – eagerly desire the gifts, especially prophecy. Don’t leave it until Sunday, be hungering and seeking God day and night, and get into the bible and study theology. It will unlock treasure.
  5. Which preacher or speaker influences you most today, and if you could have dinner with them, what food would you order?
    A. It would be an expensive meal but I’d love to sit down for a good steak with Tim Keller, John Piper, Sam Storms, Wayne Grudem, the evangelist Daniel Kolinda and Donald Trump (he is a speaker!).
  6. What really makes you happy, and what makes you sad?
    A. Apart from the obvious, my wife makes me very happy, and I am sad when she is upset.  My friends make me happy too.
  7. In just a few words what would you say is a few key things God is saying at this time?
    Stop making revival the focus of your passion, no-one can agree what we even mean by the term. The greatest longing of our hearts has to be the one God gave to us – the promise of the Lord’s return. Revival is coming, but it will come in a different form than we expect, will have more far-reaching impact than we imagined, and will come far quicker than anticipated and catch everyone by surprise!

Maybe you have had a journey in the prophetic ministry and feel your experience would be helpful to others, if so then why don’t you answer the questions and send them to me!

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