In God we trust?

ShortNotesThe American dollar has written on all of its currency the once-true slogan, “In God we trust”.

Whether or not that is true will be determined by God alone. It is not for us to stand, and from a distance make judgements based on our own observations and perceptions.

What is true is that in many churches across the United States and also in the UK there is a cry, not so much for God to Bless the USA, but in His express kindness and grace to have mercy.

We need mercy.

We do not need judgement – that is already falling on the nations.

We have just completed the bloodiest, most violent and war-torn century in the history of mankind. The inhumanity of man towards man is beyond belief.

Nothing shocks us on the news any more. We have only one abiding confidence, Jesus Christ.

He is faithful and true.

Every promise, every word, every encouragement that has comes from Him can be trusted, implicitly.

Even when circumstances do not look that encouraging, confidence in God will be eternally rewarded. Right in the midst of the rich and diverse colours of life we face crisis, heartache and sorrow.

The Church has been looking out of its dusty windows for revival. To be sure it is coming, but when it comes, it will not be what we expected.

In a magnificent sweep across the whole of mankind, God is about to tear destitute, sin-ridden and the most undeserving men and women from the very brink of hell, by their thousands.

What is it that will turn their hearts suddenly to heaven in their most rebellious moments?

Who knows?

There is a lot that may concern us concerning the future, and considerable anguish may be coming to the nations beyond anything we have ever seen and imagined. But, happily, in the midst of such crisis, the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ will shine with a certain and unimaginable glory, reflecting Christ in every way.

The Churches moment, though it was always here in God, has certainly arrived.

Valiant men and women of God arise! – not to positive confession or ‘management speak’, but to heart-stirring trust in the One who always was, and always is, and is the One to come, the magnificent Son of God.

Eternity exists in Him.

He is the Lord of time, the Lord of History and the insurmountably incomparable One.

In God we trust. Absolutely – our confidence is in Him alone, everything else will fail.

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