Back to the Cross.

ShortNotesPeople ask me often, “What is God saying to the Church right now?” I think that the answer seems to be, that God is putting something back on the agenda of the Church, and it is a subject to be addressed with urgency. It is a lost jewel.

The cry of the hour is not for revival. Revival itself never saved a soul. It is for an unprecedented understanding, confidence and security in the Cross of Christ.

The finished work of Christ on the Cross has to be the magnificent obsession of the Church in these days. A confidence that in Christ our sin has been dealt with, not just removed but judicially it is completely and utterly paid for, in the terrible and awesome death of Christ on the Cross.

At the Cross, God was satisfied with the sacrifice made in our place by His Christ, as a substitute for us. It is magnificent, life-changing, liberating and eternal. When God raised Christ from the dead it was a regal declaration that that personal sacrifice of Christ had been acceptable to Him. Suddenly in the darkness of this world, indescribable light pierced the thick gloomy depths and lit up the way for many sons to come to the glory of His welcoming presence. No longer with shame, hesitation or guilt, but running to the throne of God.

Because of the cross, in Christ, we no longer look towards the throne, but mystery of mysteries, we are by God’s initiative, seated in heavenly places with Him. Everything changed because of the Cross. It is the very passion of the prophetic.

“in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation.” 2Co 5:19

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