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A few questions and answers about prophetic ministry and the gifts of the Spirit.

  • Is prophecy just for leaders?

Moses answers this really good question in Numbers 11 in the account where God comes on the seventy leaders of Israel, and also on two others who were outside of the camp. They all prophesy. The people wonder about this, should they really be doing it? it was a legitimate question but Moses’ encouragement echoes down the centuries to us, “I wish that all the Lord’s people were prophets and that the Lord would put his Spirit on them!”  Have a think about Joel 2.

So what’s the best advice about prophecy? Desire it, long for it, crave it, make way for it – and never despise it.

  • Is there still a place for fasting today with reference to the prophetic ministry?

I could say much about fasting that you already know. Moses, Elijah, Jesus, John the Baptist-all engaged in prolonged periods of prayer and fasting, seeking God.

But why fasting? The Bible knows nothing of fasting from television, (obviously) activities and events or from other things like hobbies and interests.

When the Bible speaks about fasting, it speaks about going without food.i  Food is a blessing from God and a necessity of life. I would not be surprised to discover that Heaven looks on with interest when they see the children of God briefly forgoing the blessing that God has brought so that they can seek God for his intervention. We have lost our way slightly with the idea of prayer and fasting. It is prayer with fasting. We do not fast to make some time so that we can pray, it is part of the process. 

  • Is prophecy for Children?

If we teach our children from early days that God really speaks to kids as well as to adults through the Bible, through dreams, visions signs, and audible voice they will begin to develop a worldview that includes the interventions of God. If you tell them the stories of God with enthusiasm and faith, including how others have come through difficulty and hardship and yet God broke in and made a difference, then you will be inspiring them. Inspired people are easily stirred by God.

But for the sake of all of us – tell the stories of God out of a conviction of God that comes from faith because you are immersed in the narrative of God’s redemptive purposes yourself.

By that I mean, read your Bible. Devour it. Don’t be a pathetic modern day sceptic that calls a few verses a day ‘your daily reading’. Oops! Is that harsh?

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  1. The Greek word for fasting is the negative form of ‘to eat”, literally, ‘not-eat’  (back)

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