Stirring the prophets

Stirring the prophets

God has taken the Church out of the Church and into the world.

Jon Cressey
Jon Cressey
Stirring the prophets

I’m committed to stirring the prophets and encouraging the church to step out in the gift of prophecy amongst God’s people.

There is an old proverb “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”a I like the imagery of that as a prophetic concept.

What happens if you don’t prophesy?

I encourage people to step out in the gifts of the Spirit and then to keep on doing it. That includes you, keep prophesying and sharing what God brings to mind.

Keep prophesying and sharing what God brings to mind

It’s a phenomenal gift that builds, encourages and edifies the church, but what happens if you don’t prophesy? Nothing.

I’m not meaning it will make no difference, I’m meaning it will make a massive difference!

My intent here, is to encourage you as a follower of Christ, to make it a lifetime habit whether you are a prophet or not, to keep on putting your hand to the plough, prophesying as God leads you. You probably have much more to say than you think, the only limitation is learning how to share what you have with wisdom and with clean hands and a pure heart …

The prophetic person can be likened to a water-pipe. The water enters the pipe pure, clean and fresh but the pipe itself may have deficiencies that make the water come out slightly tainted. Flaws in our character colour what is said, and it can be discerned by the one we minister to. That doesn’t mean we wait for perfection, but it is a call to carefully guard our hearts and watch our ways before God, looking to please and honour Him in all our ways.

Is God speaking to you?

Let me ask you a question. Picture four of your friends sitting around a table with you for dinner. There’s a spare seat at your table, and Jesus is on it. What single thing would he say to everyone as you eat together?

Joel said the day was coming when people like us will prophesy – a generational outpouring of the Spirit, reflected by the participants being sons and daughters. That suggests a generational time where brothers and sisters are experiencing the grace, favour and influence in the prophetic ministry, reaching out of the confines of our walls and into society – changing the world by their encouragement.

Using a plague, God has taken the Church out of the Church and into the world.

As a modern concept, you can’t meet together in the Church building and now all you have left to express the grace God has put in and on your life, is to speak over the fence to your neighbour who is 2 metres away. Using a plague, God has taken the Church out of the Church and into the world.

The richness of Joel’s prophecy is breathtaking. God is speaking in volume. Fossilized dry bones are suddenly coming to life as dreams where God reveals divine purpose and the answers to strongholds come crashing through dispelling shame, disappointment, confusion.

Others looking on in life suddenly see imposed on the difficulties and hardships of life; the vision of God’s glory invading the present and God’s uplifting, stirring and heart-gripping redemptive purposes and plans.

It is that time for the global Church as it reaches out to the nations, which is why you should step out in the things that God puts on your mind and in your heart.

A key reversal of roles.

It can be said “I know it in my head, just not in my heart” – but that justifiably needs reversing – allowing our heart more properly to begin to affect what we think and believe, and then transform our thinking.

Everyone is different, and the idea that “people pigeon-hole me” is actually null and void, none of us fit into the same box. Individually and collectively we are all different which is evident by our extreme ability to sense or discern what God may be saying or doing in so many unexpected and delightful ways.

How God speaks to you is different …

You may identify in one of the loose categories of “feelers’, ‘hearers’, ‘knowers’ and ‘seers’ or you may excel in accurately communicating things that God brings to mind through art or music. Whichever way it is, the apostle Paul encourages you to bring life and light into people’s lives through that authentic gift God has given you, and that Joel spoke of.

A vast array of valuable resources are available to the Church through the ministries of the Spirit-led saints, bringing the gifts of the Spirit in all of their nuances, accompanied by dreams and visions. And the foundational of course, is undergirded by God’s wonderful encouragements, direction and warnings in the Word of God.

I’m stirring the prophets and those will join the Spirit-inspired adventure. Please join me.

Don’t hold back. In the words of Nike, “Just do it!”

  1. Anne Isabella Thackeray Ritchie 1837–1919 “If you give a man a fish he is hungry again in an hour. If you teach him to catch a fish you do him a good turn.”   (back)

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