Restoring the blazing fire of passion for Christ

biggerpictureProphets sometimes lose their place in the purposes of God. Discouragement can get the best of them, resulting in them hiding in caves, wondering about the overwhelming purpose for their lives.

Despair and discouragement do terrible things to the heart that is not fixated on Christ, but that discouragement has to be faced head on. The question has to be asked, ‘just where do you find your encouragement when discouragement has extinguished the fire that once ravished the heart?’

It is a pressing issue.

Mature prophetic ministers are not ministering to the saints to be noticed, but sometimes profile and recognition are, as it were, side effects. When you tell someone by revelation the secrets of the heart in a public setting, you are going to get called names. The name and titles of ‘prophet, man of God,etc’ do strange things to people, but probably not as much as when those close to them in leadership give little feedback – or misunderstand their calling or motives.

In most of the prophets is a need that is not unlike any other individual in the kingdom, the need to be accepted, affirmed, recognised and loved. Everyone has those needs. Being someone stepping out for the first time in the gifts of the Spirit, or being a prophet speaking at the largest conference in the USA – the essential emotional needs in life are no different. But how those needs are met is.

I recently saw a documentary on the Amish Christians sharing their faith. I was very moved to hear a young lady mention that whenever she felt sad or down, that the answer for her was a simple one. She prayed.So simple and yet, so deeply mature.

Our relationship with God makes all the difference – and the more real, dynamic and authentic it is, truly makes a significant difference. Before prophets can restore a blazing fire of passion for Christ in the hearts and lives of others, that fire must be blazing on the altars of their own discouraged and life-tested heart.

And only Christ can light that vehement flame. You can’t light an enduring, blazing fire in your own heart – but you can feed the flames. We’re talking about passion for Christ here, not about stirring up gift. Feed the flames of devotion by devouring the scriptures and seeking God in prayer. Where there is no passion or hunger to do so – ask.

It has been said that you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Actually you can – you give it salt tablets! If you ask God to help you hunger after Him, He knows just what to do…

Let God reignite the fire of passion for Christ’s glory and passion for His purposes in your own heart, let it roar and blaze, then let that most ferocious flame impart tongues of fire into the hearts of those around you. 

Don’t let discouragement get the better of you. Stir up that gift.