Restoring hope


Restoration can be one of the most exciting and incredible  events in life.

The transition between the heartache of discovering something from years ago, even another distant generation, to seeing it fully restored, functional and fit for purpose can be one of wonder, happiness and patience.

A prime example is where a vehicle is discovered, battered, worn and rusted. It is taken to a workshop where every part is painstakingly dismantled, cleaned, repaired, restored and replaced. These projects take considerable time. Rarely does restoration happen overnight – it is a long, tedious process and one wonders if the project will ever be completed!

But what is behind the restoration? People have memories of how the vehicle once looked, what it was capable of, how useful it was to others – and what a difference it made just by being available.

Comparisons can easily be drawn with other valuable things in life.

Prophets have a God-given inspiration and ability to see the potential of restoration when they look at the Church. Within the Church too there is much that is of immense value and potential that has sometimes seen better days, and is in need of restoration. It is in need of restoration not because it is old, dilapidated and in need of a quick paint job, but because it needs to be what it originally was, and how it was intended to function!  God wants to restore hope in the heart of believers. Hope that things can and will change. There is restoration that comes out of realising that we are His people, not our own. Much of the decay sets in where we turn our eyes from God to the shiny, but decaying, things of this world for our joy and comfort.

Restoration always begins when we respond to the call to come whole-heartedly back to God, to put our trust in Him and walk in the grace that He gives. Sometimes it is about sincere repentance. Restoration won’t always happen in a day, but with God you never know, all things are possible to Him! That itself is not a glib statement, they are the words of Jesus!

So here’s the catch for those seeking to serve God and the Church with prophetic ministry – if you don’t have an understanding of what the Church is about, and what God intends for her, you will not spot the truck in the field, all you will see is a wreck.  Doctrine and theology really are important. Please don’t listen to those who foolishly say that we shouldn’t be overly concerned about theology and that we just need to be obedient to God.

We want to obey God, and we come willingly to the Bible because it really is infallible, inerrant, inspired of God and sufficient for all of our needs. As we look at the Bible, listen to the voice of His Spirit and follow His leading we are better suited to fulfill the purpose He has given for us to glorify Him.

Look around you – change and decay surrounds you, but here and there are trophies of God’s grace, majesty and blessings in the past that not only need to be restored, but can be.

Our God is a restoring God.

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