Raising up the endtimes prophets.

raisingupI’ve been on the end of some weird facebook comments recently (all deleted!)and seen some of the strange things that some prophetic ministries publish, full of legalism and control. I’ve had enough! So you may wish to avoid this rant. I think some of my friends on facebook will know what I am talking about! Feel free to comment – I might not respond but your contribution is appreciated!

So let me kick this off by saying, one of my favourite moments in the Bond film, Skyfall, is where Bond looks into the distance and utters the chilling words, “A storm’s coming.”  For mankind there has always been a storm coming somewhere in the distance. It is only in this day and age that prophetic figures have capitalised on this metaphor, and unlike prophets of old where the warning came free, today the message comes for a few dollars. I promised myself in 1979 that I would never charge people to hear what God was wanting so willingly and freely to communicate. Hope and encouragement come freely from God for His blood-purchased people.

That is the message of grace – everything we have, and will need comes from God’s generous and willing hand – despite the fact that we have never earned anything that we have received from Him. All we have ever earned, we have never been given. That itself, is amazing grace!

That grace is at the heart of what God is doing today. I do believe that a storm is coming. Not just an economic, social or political one – no, that is just far too obvious and predictable. Even the ungodly know that there is a storm coming. That is why there is such a fixation with the news media in this  hour.

There is a different storm coming – and it is one that I believe is a challenge to the prophetic community, because it is about them.

The Church is longing for authentic, Spirit-Led, Christ-exalting and Scripture-honouring prophetic ministry to emerge that does not draw people to their ministries, but point them to Christ. A prophetic ministry that is not about money, books, DVD’s and conference bookings so that they can make a living and have huge ministries that cost thousands of dollars to run. The Church is looking for a prophetic ministry that makes sense – talks in terms that they can understand instead of speaking mumbo-jumbo about shifts, realignment, activations and apostolic-kingdom portals of revelation.

How on earth did we get ourselves in this mess?

One answer is very simple – prophetic people got absorbed in themselves and their own ministries rather than following after the leadership and direction of their local church and its leadership, not realising that right there – was the place God would raise authentic, trustworthy, accountable and truthful prophetic ministry that would restore hope in the heart of the believer through Spirit-led, honest prophetic ministry that was in alignment with the Word of God. That is the very place for the word ‘alignment’ when it comes to the prophetic. Our prophetic ministries in alignment to God’s word. We move to get right with God!

We are not the heroes in the story we tell, our story is about Christ – about His grace, mercy, favour. It is also about judgment, but that message is accompanied by the greatest story ever told – the gospel of Jesus Christ. that’s why if I preach the mp3 is free, if I share a prophetic word, word of knowledge, dream or vision – it is free. 

The same God who really calls us (emphasis on the word ‘really) is the same God who provides for us to do what He has called us to do. If He has anointed us to do something do you really think that He would leave you to your own devices to make it happen? That would result in pride! No, God provides freely – so give freely and generously! I’m convinced personally that those who do charge or ask for ‘love gifts’ of a certain amount, find themselves under the Lord’s disapproval. Not judgment, but certainly He is not approving of them doing that.

I’m not sure God wants to raise up a special group of ‘endtimes prophets’, instead I think that God just wants a prophetic community that functions how it was meant to be; a group of normal people working together in the heart of the Church, committed to the leadership, accountable to one another and with a passion to serve the purposes of God in every day life.

I already know a significant number of people like this. They are fun to be around, they are honest, trustworthy, love the Word of God and are passionate to spread the gospel with anyone who will listen, whilst at the same time, hungry to hear the good news of the gospel themselves, again and again, and again. I trust them – some of them are as far as I know, end times prophets.

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