Wonder, think & ponder!

Here are a few ‘memo-to-self’ posts about several things Memowhich have caught my attention in recent days (or much longer) that deserve at least some level of attention.

You probably already know there is more to prophetic ministry than the extraordinary gift of prophecy. The initial intention of this website was to help people experience, learn and begin ministering in specific functions of the prophetic ministry.


Over the years, I noted the odd use of the prophetic ministry in certain streams of Church life, and in drawing attention to those issues, I hoped to help people discover when and how to properly use their gifting in a scripture-honouring way that increased faith and hope in the hearts of those who heard them. Not correcting them but encouraging them in a different direction. There is a notable difference between the gift of prophecy and the office of the prophet, but there are still those who think the prophetic ministry is something you advance into by exercising the gift.

Throughout the site, I have carefully looked at the various revelatory gifts, and the numerous ways God speaks, and when and how to respond to that revelation.

Worn Clichés

In this section, I genuinely want to be open and frank and share some of the things that seem pertinent to me. They are not prophecies, but direct observations. I know the local church is heartily tired of clichés like “realignment”, “shifts”, “Issachar, Joel or Joshua generations” and possess a sincere desire to encounter something more meaningful and genuine; and also to encounter a palpable presence of God’s glory rather than a smoke machine.

The truth is, God can and will do exceedingly more than we have seen until now – but on His terms and in His time. The initiative is His alone.

It may be that the church (prophets included) needs to promptly return to a sense of profound awe over the gritty awesomeness of God’s divine omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience and immutability. In these Covid-19 days, it is possible we have time to do just that!

Written mostly tongue in cheek, they are there to make you wonder, think, ponder. You won’t always agree, but after a while, you will realise I am right. Which itself, is an attempt at humour.


I like to consider new topics, so if you have ideas contact me. – or as they say today, “connect

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