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There are lots of questions you may have about the gift or ministry of prophecy, especially with some of the strange terminology that you may encounter at times, from “activations” through to “portals”.

I’ll try and explain some of these terms, ideas and concepts here.

Here are a few modern-day ones before we get to the serious ones, that do have particular significance to you.


Activation’ is generally focused on the vocal gifts. I have not yet seen or heard of anyone who ‘activated’ the working of miracles. I do however know people who have prayed and sought after the working of miracles, and seen God wonderfully hear and answer prayer as the stepped out in faith in Him. I also know people who have been around others who minister in powerful ministries and have found faith imparted to their own hearts to step out in the same things. 

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Realignment comes up quite often in the American prophetic movement. I am not sure of the biblical examples that will be used, and to be honest, I don’t have a clue what this means. I have never, since 1979, felt led by the Spirit to quote this, so perhaps it is something that only happens in America. Joking apart, I wonder if hidden deep in the meaning there is the need to be trendy, and what they aare expressing is, a need to reform; to get back to biblical norms. So don’t discount it, it is just not expressed as best as it could be, and some folks feel they are being ‘generation z’.

I think the term might be said to mean, “getting back from where we are to a more scriptural approach.”


First, let me tell you that the Earth is the Lord’s, and all the fullness of it. It’s all His, He is free and powerful to appear and do whatever He wants, wherever He wants. It’s not like there is a special portal you have to find, and once you find it, it’s the place where you have access to God.

Listen, if you pray and your Father who sees in secret, hears and responds to you – then you have your “portal”. This portal teaching is nonsense. It does not make sense. The early Church are not told to go to the Mount of Olives, Gethsemane, the Jordan river or back to the Upper Room in Jerusalem. In the old days, Luther, Calvin, Wesley, Whitfield, Finney, Wigglesworth, Branham, Allan, Jeffries or Billy Graham never mad mention of these things. All of them were before the days of Star Trek. I think that answers it. Wherever you are, you have full access to God.

I spent weeks in Toronto when the Lord was doing a great work there, but wherever I went I noticed the same phenomenon; when I prayed, God was there. Sometimes a mist appeared, most times not. The portal God had opened was in my own Spirit in terms of knowing I had direct, unhindered access to Him.  Bill Johnson demonstrated it by telling his congregation that he simply closed his eyes, focused on the Lord, and he was there.  

The question is, realigned with and to what? We do say some silly things, but the thing is, people pay a lot of dollars to go hear this stuff, so it will be around for a while.

‘Nuff said.


I’ve been told that there are shifts coming. What on earth is a shift? Seriously? I was told to prepare because God was bringing a shift my way. I had no idea how to prepare for that, or what to do.  My response to guys saying this, is that they need to shift out of the way, because the Church is tired of the nonsense. Let’s see the authentic prophetic ministry in our midst. God is moving in the nations, lets not let this silliness distract us. It’s prophecy that carries words, but no meaning, and what’s the use of that!

I think what is being meant here is that there is some “change coming”, but to be fair, change is here to stay so this may be a redundant phrase.

Now for the encouraging things …
Coming shortly…

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