Amos – Prophet for our day?

When did you last hear a prophecy on the message and ministry of the prophet Amos? You will be surprised at how many snippets you are familiar with, but shocked at how much of his culture-current, timely ministry you have overlooked. Amos offers much to our modern-day experience of God and offers volumes by way of warning, encouragement and direction; especially for those engaged in prophetic ministry.


  • Amos #1
  • Amos #2
  • Amos for serious thinkers

Amos 1 – Prophetic ministry starts with encounter

Amos comes straight to the point in his introduction and ties his words as being a prophetic declaration of what he saw concerning  Israel in the days of two kings, two years before that earthquake. Unlike my confused attempts at prophecy, Amos was clear, specific, articulate and left you with no doubts about when God gave revelation to him – it came  two years before the earthquake.

Amos 2 – For three transgressions and for four

The lesson from the 70 elders that prophesied in Moses’ day was there were two others who prophesied on the day. They didn’t do it again, but that didn’t matter – the lesson was that God determined who He revealed Himself to, what they were to speak, where and when. And so it is today. He gives gifts according to His will.

If yu are looking to read more about Amos these books will be very useful to you  For serious thinkers!


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