Make sure you give yourself time to think.

The world will not end while you think about it.

I wanted a little space on my website to give room for a more serious look at prophetic ministry and to see if there were things that I could find both in the scriptures, in books and general life-encounters that might be worth consideration. Reading is one thing – but thinking, serious thinking is something we have to give time to. Sometimes it seems that it would be easier to dig up the garden with a spoon than give serious amounts of time to a deep, meaningful and rewarding process of thinking.

I’m starting with Amos. He’s a prophet you may have heard about, but because there are not any big stories about him you probably will not be over familiar with him, and his message, ministry and lifestyle may touch your heart. Feel free to read, think and comment. More content will follow shortly.

A prophet for our time?


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