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Prophets are friends together, walking with the same vision – calling everyone to love, obey and follow Jesus

I’m not sure what the collective noun is for a group of prophets, but on this occasion, I think the best I can think of is “friends”.  So I have gathered a group of friends and asked for some input and discussion on our walk in the things of the prophetic ministry.

This will be a conversation about the prophetic ministry, its role in the Church and accountability.

The friends won’t be writing huge essays, most of the time it will be a sentence or two and I will try to make it as readable for you as possible. Some of them won’t contribute often, like you they have a life to live!

So much can be said about the prophetic ministry, and this is a good place to talk about some of the issues involved – watch this space!

» First encounters

I’m not sure if it takes people by surprise to stumble across a living, breathing prophet, but the first thing I am asked tends to speak volumes; for me, it differs with the nationality, but it is generally about revival or Israel. I think the questions are more intrigue or reassurance rather than clarification so that their walk with God may come under closer scrutiny.

    Mark: Thankfully I’ve only been asked about lottery numbers once! I can see the gears going in their brains because they want to ask something, but don’t know what!
    Paul: Because people only meet with me for a few moments they want a word from God, usually they ask me to pray for them, which means share something prophetic.  We must be patient and gracious with such encounters and be good stewards of what God has freely given us. I think listening to them as well as God is important. Everyone has a story to tell.  

It is silly to think or presume that we can be a friend of God, if we cannot be friends of each other. – Patty Mapes

    Xiaoming: I am most often asked to bless family and loved ones and for help to honour Jesus in their walk of obedience and not be ashamed or bring shame to the Name of Jesus.
    Steve: I find people are asking most is What is God telling you about the upcoming elections and/or  then; Do you feel like God would have a word for me? Both of these are great questions and are almost always on God’s heart. I find people do not first ask about how do we live Holy living because they first need to discover if you are person/prophet of grace and kindness. It would never be wise to ask for correction (in my view) unless they feel you have the same kind of unconditional love that Jesus had for the woman at the well who had five husbands, Jesus never rebuked her. Just told her what was up.
    Patty: The green room thing is a little tricky, because those dynamics can be different from people coming to a meeting seeking God.
I like talking about prophets as being friends. God call Abraham His friend. Don’t we, or shouldn’t we, want first to be called a friend by God? I think it is silly to think or presume that we can be a friend of God, if we cannot be friends of each other.
When people come up to me and ask me to pray for them it is like I’m a conduit. The request for prayer from me is really a request to God, and I’m like the conduit for the inquiry. I can hardly answer everyone’s questions, but I can repeat what I hear God saying. I always thought that teaching people to hear God would be a good way to put us all out of work, so to speak.
    Danny: I often get questions related to seers. I live in the Northeast USA and the is much New Age and witchcraft in the area that has drawn even believers into traps. I also an often asked what The Lord is speaking about the political stuff in our Nation and things related to the Greatest Awakening.
    Cesar: For me – when people realize I’m a prophet, they sweat it. I see their imagination somewhat go wild. Like they now start to really get creative on what they could possible ask me.

» Great challenges?

What do you think is the greatest challenge that prophetic ministry faces in this day, and what is the answer to it?


Friends: Jon Cressey |  Paul Cain |  Dan Reise |  Patty Mapes |  Cesar Nieto |  Danny Steyne |  Mark Goodridge |  Fu Xiaoming and a few others whose name you would know!