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Moving forward

Moving forward

PC2Closing the door on a chapter with Paul Cain

As Paul Cain’s associate for the UK & Europe I was privileged to know Paul as a personal friend for over 20 years and benefited from his wisdom, experience, friendship, generosity and encouragement on a daily basis. Our friendship meant that my phone rang daily. The silence that came after Paul died was something that felt very surreal, even now.

Over the years, my wife Kerry and I had many conversations with Paul about the prophetic ministry including his memories of people like William Branham, John Wimber, John Paul Jackson, Bob Jones and the most incredible stories I’ve heard centering around ministries that served the healing revivals of the 1950’s; all of which has been an inspiration (and aspiration) to thousands of people over the years.

PC1My imagination was gripped by his behind-the-scenes stories and thoughts about world leaders and also many of the charismatic leaders around today. Later, after he had gone to be with the Lord, I inherited his computer and a few other personal effects which gave me many more insights into his life and ministry – particularly the way that others had honoured, respected or treated him.  It was intriguing to see how different leaders, authors and ministries interacted with him, even in his final visit to London …

An unprecedented move of God

I wrote Paul’s website and much of what appeared on his social media and so, unsurprisingly, I am of the resolute conviction that much of Paul’s vision for an end times move of God is something that continues, especially about an unprecedented move of God revealing God’s glory. Those of you who know of Paul’s stadium vision know that this was nothing new!

Sunderland & London

In more recent years, Ken & Lois Gott’s fantastic ground-breaking church in Sunderland, and then Kensington Temple led by the lion-hearted Colin Dye in London, both gave the clarion call that something is afoot — God is at work

SunderlandPaulCThe UK is ready to see such a move of God — but let’s not be exclusive — every nation on the planet is ready to see an astonishing outpouring of God’s Spirit. We are about to experience an amazing awareness of God’s tangible, manifest presence; something only He can give. Let’s encourage one another to be attentive, being careful not to grieve or quench the work of the Spirit in our lives.

The outpouring in Toronto gave us a small experience of what that might look like. The Spirit of the Lord can fall on us at anytime — our part is to welcome him!

A new dynamic of the prophetic ministry

My understanding is God wants to do more with the prophets than ‘read our mail’ instead, as we equip the Church for works of service we should be accompanied by the unmistakeable presence of the Holy Spirit. Our ministries are given to us by God to encourage His people in a radical pursuit of Jesus. And it is radical call.

The call is a life-style changer; to take up our Cross and follow after Christ in a post-modern world where truth is so abstract – until of course you encounter the One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

The key – simplicity!

Considering himself more an Evangelist, Paul Cain believed in a straight-forward message. To my knowledge he didn’t use or adhere to some of the modern-day phraseology of ‘shifts’ ‘realignments’ ‘activations’; such phrases have become clichés in the charismatic church but they are not always helpful or meaningful.

What God has for the Church today needs to be expressed, realised and experienced in a way that everyone can understand. God is doing a profound thing in our day, and it is for the whole church to tell it because people need to. These are urgent times, perhaps more than we realise.

Jesus used parables and stories to great effect as a core part of his ministry. The stories allowed and caused people to think, reflect, decide and respond. People will listen – this may be the time to stop the inordinate emphasis we have placed of trying to be “seeker friendly” and toning down what God is saying and doing in the midst of the Church and outside of its doors. It is challenging to note that Jordan Peterson’s Youtube 2 hour and 38-minute introduction to the idea of God has been viewed more than 8,117,208 times. Pretty wild for a man that is not a Christian!

It also shows that if the story is well told, people will sit attentively for hours – just look at Eutychus who fell asleep due to the long nature of the message the Apostle Paul was giving, fell from a window out of the three-story building, and died – only to be raised to life again.

An historic moment with and historic agenda

Back to Paul Cain; I asked about the ministry of William Branham – what it was like as they waited to come into the hushed but excited meetings – the tangible, heavy presence of God and the astonishing sense of expectancy that was there. It turns out that It was formidable, tangible. People knew God was present to heal. And He did.

The historic moment the Church finds itself in today is met with and equally historic agenda. The great commission still stands. The prophetic ministry is here to call, equip and stir the Church to action.

Paul Cain

I’m not sure where you stand, but I believe I have a part in this; and so do you.

As Christians, what you and I both enjoy however, is the empowering mantle of the Holy Spirit. Keep encouraging yourself and others to continue following the Lord with all your heart, and let’s see how the extraordinary adventure unfolds.

May it please the Lord for a great harvest of souls beyond our wildest expectations to come in these next few months. May it be unprecedented in every sense of the word, and may the fingerprints of God be seen over everything we put our hand to.

Having the very sad duty of being the one to announce to the world Paul’s sad departure to be with the Lord he loved and served (aged 89 (on 13 February 2019) and then to write the obituary for his funeral, it’s time, with fond memories, to close the chapter on Paul Cain’s story; and to see what God can and will do with people like you and me as we step out in faith, obedience, humility and accountability.

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