Paul Cain’s Garland trip

(Reposted from 14 August 2018) It was a stirring moment to be able to visit Garland in July with my associate, Dan Reise. The Lord has been doing so much for me in the last few years, and this certainly was a great blessing. 

So many memories flooded my mind during the short visit.  The Santa Fe railroad depot train station, relocated three times, is just a few feet from the house where I was born in 1929, and although the town has changed so much, there was plenty to still bring back the past. Life is full of change, transformation, pain, laughter, tears and happiness. The one thing about my visit was that things seemed smaller than when I was a child.

The same feeling can come to us when we consider the vision, plan and purpose of God that gripped our hearts as we set out in pursuit of God in our early days and that now, years later may appear to have diminished. The way that we do that is to keep those things that God gives us ever before us in prayer.  It is also useful to keep reminding not just ourselves of the promises of God over our lives, but also to stir others around us of the wonderful things that God has set before them. If God has called us to love God with all our heart, soul and mind and then also to love our neighbour as ourselves, then this surely will also mean encouraging each other too.

I am thankful for all the encouragement of the many friends on social media, email and those who invite me to their homes with their wonderful hospitality, food and friendship.

Looking back to my visit to Garland, remembering family and the events of the revival that would come some years later I realise that something has not changed for me; the overwhelming conviction that God is going to do something unprecedented in the last days. Those days are here, the Lord’s return is imminent and will come quicker than we expected. I’m convinced more than ever about my Stadiums vision, but it is not just a vision for America – it’s a global vision. The prophet Habakkuk says it best, “The earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.” (Hab 2:14).

The Lord has been with me since 1929, and Garland speaks volumes to me of the faithfulness of God. He’s a God who loves to be trusted, delights in showing mercy, grace, kindness. He’s a God that has never got anymore glorious, powerful or more knowledgeable (but my understanding of Him has), so come what may, I am in good, strong hands. And so are you.

Garland in 1929 was such a long time ago, but God has remained faithful, and that is but a token of His insurmountable glory.  Let God reawaken the vision that He placed in your heart and hold on in faith, God’s timing is perfect.

And yes, I do believe revival is coming – but I do think it will be sooner than you think, and far bigger and different than you imagine. Exciting days indeed!