Paul Cain

Paul Cain

Adventures with Paul Cain

On 12 February 2019, my friend Paul Cain went to be with the Lord Jesus Christ.

After a struggle with illness, Paul died peacefully at 89 years and was reunited with his beloved mother Anner Mildred Cain and his father, William Henry Cain. It’s not a spelling mistake, Paul’s mother’s name was actually spelt ‘Anner’.

Paul had a reputation internationally for his remarkable healing and prophetic ministry which extended over 72 years – and to my knowledge, Paul lived his life resolutely for, and to the glory of God.

Known also for his friendliness and kindness, Paul could be called, “a friend of friends”.  Perhaps this is best reflected by his friendships which also included presidents and world leaders. Throughout his life excited audiences would listen attentively as he told stories of his miraculous and supernatural birth and ministry, including his role in the history of the healing revival and his many friends along the lesser worn path that he trod. Of particular interest was his mother’s Anner’s remarkable testimony of healing.

Paul’s sharp wit, word-plays, humour and love for God and the Church has cheered and inspired many. Through the years, Paul’s ongoing, recurring vision of Stadiums full of people being miraculously healed and turning to Jesus, and the conviction of an unprecedented move of God in revival coming to the nations was an encouragement to all who heard it.


It was my pleasure to first meet him in Harrogate in 1990 and after visiting Kansas we quickly became close friends. I valued our friendship and have reflected much on how I observed other well-known ministries interact with Paul. There were lots of opportunities to be involved in the things that Paul was engaged with, particularly as his Associate for the UK & Europe, but I had no idea back in 1990 that one day I would have the weighty responsibility of writing his obituary, announcing to the world that a dear friend had died and gone to be with the Lord.

For his last few years I was the ghost-writer for Paul on his website, Facebook and social media accounts – it was an interesting time. Paul was too tired to keep up with social media and knowing Paul’s heart well enough he encouraged me to write and communicate on his behalf.

With appreciation to Ashley Collishaw for the work he has done digitising the videos.