Nearly touching God.

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Many of us have had those moments where God seems far off, and we seem to be standing alone in the darkness, feeling alone.
Exodus 20:21 says it best;

“The people stood far off, while Moses drew near to the thick darkness where God was”.

It was dense and impenetrable darkness where God was not hiding, but hidden from view, choosing not to reveal His Presence and yet disclosing himself. Not fully – never fully.

The disclosure of His full manifest presence, light and glory, could never happen in the confines of eternity.

Mankind’s discovery of God as God reveals Himself willingly to him without let or hindrance, is like Moses approaching the thick darkness.

The sheer, unsearchable depths and immeasurable volume of God’s self disclosure are far too vast for the finite mind to even begin to comprehend or understand.

In 12 billion years time, God will still stand glorious; one to be marvelled at, demonstrating still without wavering or exertion, unsearchable and inexpressible glory, holiness and majesty. None of the shine of His Divine radiance will have depleted in any slightest measure or form.

As those who know Jesus as Lord and saviour of our lives this is encouragement par excellence. We all go through difficult and trying times. Sometimes the darkness closes in on us. These can be emotionally difficult and painful moments, but in the midst of it all, in the thick, overwhelming darkness we can find God.

Now about the light…..

God is good.

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