Angels en vogue?

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If the public or the movers and shifters in society are given enough time and exposure to certain textiles, colours or ideas they soon become the latest trend. It doesn’t take much to turn yellow into the ‘new black’. It is something in life that we live with.

We have times and moments in Church life where certain issues are addressed, and then it would seem that is all you hear folks talk about.

Alpha is happily a subject that seemed to be fashionable across many denominations, as is the subject of healing. Other denominations have had certain fixations with deliverance, tithing, prosperity and intercessors.

One thing is for certain, if in a gathered room of the saints you talk positively about healing, you be sure that as some point, with hushed tone, someone will suggest that ‘maybe God wants to heal someone’ in the room. Expectations and faith have risen, and an environment that seemingly allows God to move in the power of His Spirit suddenly arises.

I have witnessed this many times. I have seen the same dynamic when talking about the gifts of the Spirit, and when sharing of how God speaks to His people. It is almost like saying that if you speak about God’s presence and His power,

He will come. And He does, powerfully.

Here is something though, that we do not want to focus on, but their activity is happening all the time; and everything they do is to serve the purposes of God – the angels.

We don’t focus on them because as the Greek word for angel, ‘messenger’ suggests, they are not the object of our attention, but it is who they are pointing to.

I coined the term ‘angels in vogue’ as indicative of what happens when we see a lot of their activity. They become fashionable.

Everyone talking about this one, or that one, or repeating their favourite story. But the Scriptures take a different approach and talk very openly about angelic activity.

They don’t shy from telling the story of angel’s involvement but they are never the focus of what Scripture is communicating.

It can be seen from the stories that scripture faithfully and accurately records that in the times of great visitation and the interventions of God that angelic activity increases. It may be at this time, for such a time as this, that God wants us to not be enamoured by the activity of angels in our midst as large numbers start turning to Christ.

God does not want for angels to be en vogue, to be the latest fashion. But He is keen for their activity to work alongside of us, accomplishing His purposes.

Oh yes, and let me conclude with this – they are far more active than you realise and imagine. They don’t do your commission as some have taught, but they do help you. Having said that, don’t ask for their help – ask God to help you.

He may even send an angel!

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