Oh God!

Paul Cain - with a deep hunger for more of God

There is an unmistakable desire for intimacy with God that prevails upon those who  desire to see the emergence of a church that walks in holiness and purity of heart in these last, unpredictable, sudden twist-in-the-story days of history.

It is an ‘Elijah moment’  where God’s people find themselves pressed into the mouth of the cave of culture, society and liberal Christianity that knows nothing of what it means to find one’s identity, ethos and definition in the praise, affirmation and truth that flows from knowing God and being known by Him.

God’s pressing question to Elijah (1 Kings 9-16) is a pertinent one to us, and we must not get caught up expecting that God is only going to speak in a whisper. It may well be that God is speaking to us in the hurricanes, the fire and the earthquake (and He is), it is not for us to determine how he should speak to us. 

We can get very strange and mystic. Don’t pray for God to reveal himself in dreams to Muslims – pray that he will reveal himself through the gospel. (Romans 1:16)

What matters at this time, is that we are found not to be merely a people with a reputation for, but who in absolute reality are a people who are hungry for God’s presence, walking in obedience to God, relishing the extravagance of grace but not using it as licence, and cherishing, delighting and finding our deepest treasure in Christ.

There is a cry of the heart that talks of the deep calling to the deep, our spirit talking to His, that is uttered with two words alone that carries the weight of ten thousand words, and the sounds of multitudes worshipping and adoring Christ forever, ‘Oh God!’

If those words are on our lips, then heaven holds a joyful surprise that is beyond the utterance of the most eloquent men, prophets or poets.

And here is the wonder of wonders. The Spirit of the Lord is beginning to put those two words deep, deep, deep into the hearts of His loved ones. When He hears the words erupting out of the Christ-exalting hearts of His people, He will respond.

It will be the greatest and most spectacular scene the universe has ever encountered.

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