image 16My Google assistant informed me that ‘leftovers’ are “Something left after everything else has been used”. It is very easy at times, if you are not involved in the main cut and thrust of church life, if you are not included to feel something like that. It’s not a nice experience, and it is one of the reasons we need to ensure that we are always as a people on a mission, inclusive. 

God has put us in the Church for two reasons, one is that we stop saying “we are the Church!” so that we can be free to do our own thing, unaccountable to anyone else but ourselves; a virus that seems to have affected many in the Charismatic church in certain countries. Yes, we are the church as individuals, but our real identity is only ever seen in its greatest expression as being part of a bigger picture.

Secondly by putting us in the Church, we are learning to develop relationship and dependency on each other, which includes voluntary accountability. It’s not a strange ‘covering’ but a willingness to follow after the Lord accountable not only to the leaders of the Church to which they belong, a but to others in the Church with whom they have regular fellowship.

We are in the Church and at times, finding your place can be a little frustrating. We can feel excluded, overlooked, forgotten, ignored or just as the picture above reveals, spare parts. So the questions are; what is it about you that people just can’t bear to be around you, what is it that you say and do that bores and drives them to the depths of despair, what is it about you that shouts out that you are divisive, on a quest for profile, recognition and power? I am of course, joking!

The simple fact is that sometimes, no matter how hard you try – when you finish putting a car, computer or washing machine back together, there are nuts and bolts left over. And what happens to the nuts and bolts? They are not thrown away, they are used for another project.

Not everything that God is doing right now calls for, or warrants your direct involvement. You are in God’s hands. I know the frustration you feel if you are feeling a call to something and the opportunity slips past you into the hands of another. But your Father, who sees in secret, is always watching and knows about you. You are not forgotten, and you do have a place and vocation where you can regularly serve; and that is hidden from the eyes of man but will reap eternal, lavish rewards, and that is prayer. If you think you are called to prophetic ministry and not ready to pray and pray, then perhaps you are very sadly mistaken! It’s a get out clause when you feel that you are not included, you are able to say you actually are, more than people realise!

God fits us together in the Church as living stones (find the Scripture yourself!), some like you, are much bigger, more purposeful stones, others like me fill up the small cracks. We all have a place, function, role and duty. Today is a very small part of your history, don’t be discouraged – keep a humble, pure, loyal and serving heart towards the Lord and the activities of the Church and in due season you will find something fulfilling and meaningful to attend to. It may not last forever, and you soon find yourself ready and available for the Lord again, but it will be worth it.

Here is something for you to consider, not everyone who are busy in the thick of the action, so to speak, are as enthusiastic as you would be. The Lord knows you, knows the intention of your heart – and rewards you for that intent. You would have done ‘it’ if you the opportunity that you longed for. He is a God who rewards and encourages. He is also the God who sees in secret – and rewards openly.

Keep your chin up,

  1. this is another strange concept to some, but I would suggest that if a prophet does not belong to, and regularly worship with a local church they have to question what they really are about!  (back)