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Jon Cressey
Jon Cressey

irresponsibility 1When prophetic people should just know better

There have been times where prophetic ministry, left to its own devices has gone wrong and people have felt greatly disappointed, hurt, frustrated or even mislead.

I guess this is more to do with a prophetic ministry than a one-off or irregular prophetic gift. The latter is open to the judgement and consideration of the church as they weigh what is said, usually within the confines of a church meeting.

Irresponsibility has within it that sense of being a bit, ‘silly’ or reckless. It is where consequences and circumstances are not thought through properly.

Such concerns can be expressed in terms of what someone has termed ‘gold, girls and glory’. Most people are susceptible to stupidity if they do not engage their brain!

The prophetic ministry brings great encouragement when it is done in the context of healthy church life. Prophetically gifted people come in all stages of Christian maturity, wisdom and understanding. It doesn’t take much insight or perception to realise that ministry should not be shared with members of the opposite sex when alone. Forget the hypothetical situations just don’t do it!

There is a sense that sometimes you may have an opportunity for sin but not the desire, and sometimes the desire but not the opportunity. But when both come knocking at the door at the same time you just have to run! And run swiftly!

Gold and things of wealth the man who can be trusted with little can also be trusted with much. God provides everything you need anyway, so if you are tempted to steal remind yourself that it is God provides for you. In everything, if you have unconfessed sin in your life God is going to be grieved. You don’t want to stop sinning to protect your gift or ‘anointing’. You stop because it offends God, and God wants all His family to walk in holiness before Him.

And the glory? 
Many, many of the prophetic ministries I know draw much attention to themselves and to their ministries. John Baptist was very clear on the way he saw things, Jesus was to increase and he was to decrease in the sight of Israel.

The greatest prophet was keen that Christ was made famous and got all the glory. “I saw the Spirit ascend and remain on Him”. You can almost hear the quiet shuffle as John’s disciples began to move away and follow the Christ.

Another area that we would encourage people to stay away from is predicting births and marriages.

A few reasons for this is that if it is wrong, terrible heartache can result. Sometimes with the issue of births is that it can open a prophetic person to announcing speculation as revelation. If your church is full of young couples, guess what? There are going to be some births! Funny how that happens!

Just because people are friends doesn’t mean that they are going to be married either. If you really do feel that you have something to do with these ‘almost off limits’ subjects I encourage you to share them with your Church leadership. If you can’t do that then please hesitate and ask God for more wisdom about what is the best way to share what you feel He has given you.

Be careful hearts can easily be broken and take years to heal.

There is a constant need for us all to be accountable, indeed scripture does encourage us all to be accountable to each other.


Let’s not mistake irresponsibility for steps of faith, in essence risk taking! I wouldn’t want you to not step out in being obedient to God. These are just guidelines it is your call!

I think that generally, in learning lessons about some of the prophets in the past who have gone seriously astray, you’d expect each generation to be more careful than the last. But such recklessness does survive — generation after generation.

We don’t always learn our lessons, or pass them on! One of my friends is a well-known prophet who has no sons. Don’t let that be you, learn and teach.

God is good.

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