Horizons – obscurity and profile

By | March 22, 2009

horizons-150x102Do you know how to deal with obscurity as well as profile?

Paul Cain warned a prophet once about the dangers of becoming famous. Some years ago the Lord laid it on my heart to visit him and Paul was coming with me. The man was so busy with his books, ministry and travel. When I mentioned this to Paul he remarked again at how famous the man had now become. He had not taken the advice.

One of the things I see on the horizon is that some folks will enter into a time of obscurity and others will find a new sense of profile.

There are a lot of foreign prophets coming to the West. These prophets really know God. The secrets of the Lord are with those who fear Him, and these prophets know, love, fear and cherish Him with all of their hearts. He is the magnificent obsession of their hearts, without doubt.

Obscurity is not a place of denial.
Neither does it mean your are forgotten or overlooked. It means NOTHING to your sense of self esteem, or your relationship with Christ and His wonderful Church. You are accepted in Christ for who you are and not what you do. Sometimes it may be that obscurity comes because the prophet needs to know these things as a reality for themselves.

Obscurity can also be a time of restoration and recuperation. Restoration from heart attitudes that may have subconsciously crept in along side the profile that the gift brings.

Exaggeration, pride and ministerial jealousy are often small plants that grow into jungles, and need extracting early. This applies to all of the prophetic ministries, without exception – and I am sure they would agree. We really are not 24/7 fully mature in Christ. That is why accountability to each other and to God is so valuable.

We really are not 24/7 fully mature in Christ. Things do slip in. Some prophets teach others to not take themselves seriously, but take everything they do very solemnly.

These things are not ‘trite’, God is always watching!

Obscurity can often come with a call. You can be ploughing a field, unknown and alone, when the call comes. The greatest prophet of all was in the wilderness when the word of the Lord came to him. John the Baptist then emerged from the desert and started to call Israel to repentance and to Christ.

Obscurity – away from profile and recognition gives you a chance to show the Church that you are more focused on Christ, and being with God’s chosen people, more than your ministry. It shows character.

Profile is a different creature. God gives favour and profile, you don’t have to ‘go get it’. If you do, it will be short lived.

Remember always in whatever profile you have, that everything is only ever about Christ.

It would seem that some have used their profile to get money and job security on the back of their ministry. For prophets especially, if God is calling you into some profile of ministry let Him provide your finances. Don’t sell dream interpretations or charge fees for a revelation that God may bring. The gift freely came to you-give it away freely. Don’t profit from your anointing. If God really has called, He really WILL provide.

Personally if you have paid for a ‘word from God’ from someone, I would be tempted to put it straight in the bin and not let your spirit be tainted with it! That sentence alone will cost me a few friends.

Whatever profile you get, remember the example of John. ‘He must increase – I must decrease’.

That does not always mean false humility and demeaning words or acts, what it does mean is, make much of Jesus.

Make so much of Jesus that people confidently, with faith and hope, put their full trust and confidence in Christ alone as the true, faithful and eternal hero of their lives. Lift Him high!

Profile or obscurity – our eternity is sure, safe and protected in Christ. Let’s be keen to do all that Christ is calling us to and nothing more or less.

We serve an awesome God, who sometimes says, despite our protestations, ‘have a rest’.

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