God’s Now-Word for the Church in Europe’s chaos

notes 514998 960 720 1Europe is in the clutches of deep, dark chaos. Open a newspaper and the message that greets you is the despair and confusion of a fractured and desperate world.

It appears to have solution to its deep trauma as it wrestles with a perplexing ‘in-out’ conundrum and it’s consequences. It is easy to see ourselves as a generation where, “hearts are failing for fear”, (Luke 21:26) but there is hope – and the hope lies in God’s ‘now-word’ for the church.

Not exemption from hardship

The Church is not exempt from experiencing the same concerns as the world surrounding them, but they have reason to view things in a different way. It’s a perfect time for the Church. We are never told in the Bible that we would not undergo, or spared from suffering, what we are told is that for those who love God, all things work together for good. (Romans 8:28) At the heart of that promise are two issues, God is at work in the events of our life for our good because he really loves us; and these things are working for the good of those who love God. The emphasis is on relationship. Loved by God, and lovers of God. That’s the Church!

As those dearly loved by God (Colossians 3:12), there is a word from Him to bring strength and courage to us so that we can comfort those around us in these tumultuous times, and it is “Don’t let your heart grow weary or fainthearted – keep your eyes on Christ.” (Hebrews 12:3)

He’s your Father

The writer to the Hebrews urges the Christians not to fail for lack of strength so that they stop running after God. He doesn’t want them to think that as they look at their circumstances, “I can’t do this!” He doesn’t want them to lose heart or be discouraged and be fearful. God has not left us to our own devices. The most helpful thing we can do today, no matter what crisis we face, is to call God, “Father”. He is the Father of all fathers. If there is someone who loves us perfectly, it is Him. He is the Father that speaks to our hearts, comforts us, loves us, approves us, admonishes us and tells us very clearly, be anxious for nothing.

Be anxious for nothing. Do you feel the weight of that love? Don’t let your heart grow weary.

Don’t let your heart grow weary.

Many in the Church in this hour need comfort. We find comfort in all sorts of things; chocolate, sport, cars, food and drink. Our Father in Heaven, looking down into our worldly affliction want us to find our treasure and deepest affection not in those things but in Him – calling Himself the God of all comfort (2 Corinthians 1:3-5)

Don’t let your heart grow weary.  Don’t be passive, weariness is something YOU can do something about, don’t expect God to do it for you – He won’t.

Do whatever it takes to stir your heart to faith and obedience.

  • Read your Bible (it is the very words of God) as if these are the last days of world history and Christ is about to return at any moment. Seriously! Let’s stop the pathetic practice of just reading a few verses a day and then wondering why we are not seeing the power of God powerfully demonstrated in our unreached communities.
  • Pray! There is a trend in the church today to use public prayer as a place where we tell little sermons or give cool quips but neglect the fact that we are talking not others but to God. Maybe that is why tongues as a prayer language is so effective! God gave us an astonishing Pentecost-gift because prayer is so powerful. But if you are not asking for anything, don’t expect God to do anything. Ask you heart out!! Ask, Ask, Ask!
  • Sing! Worship like no one is looking. Don’t feel pressured to have a particular stance. Remember, true worship comes from your heart – and your Father who sees in secret rewards!
  • Pizza. In other words, get around people. Don’t be alone. Spend time with people, but at this moment I would say avoid the politicians. 🙂

What change?

Nothing has changed in the huge changes of Europe that are shaking many. God is still on the throne, still rules, reigns, provides, forgives, comforts, protects.

You are in very good hands – don’t let your heart grow weary.