God speaks.

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There are some things that are a joy to hear. The rich sound of children playing, arguing and chatting in the park with a background noise of laughter, dogs barking and balls bouncing on a summer day, are what contributes to the emotional experience of joy and fond memories. Our ability to find a sense of meaning and purpose from sound is phenomenal, even the sound of a certain voice can thrill us or provoke anxiety.

Imagine then, some of the ‘sounds of heaven’. Jesus, as the great shepherd, leads us carefully and lovingly, and we as the sheep, know his voice.  When we hear his voice we are not startled and spooked into running from him. My guess is that you are thinking that you would love to hear the audible voice of God. Some people do hear it. Not as a daily chat conversation, but they do hear it. Over the years I have spoken to a few people who have heard the audible voice of God, and there is one thing in common that all of them have, it happened to all of them when they least expected it.

It’s a bit like God reserves the right to interrupt life at a time of his choosing. and at his discretion! There are many accounts of God speaking in the bible, and nowhere does it suggest in the least, that God has now gone quiet. He’s not even in ‘whisper mode’.  The writer to the Hebrews tell us clearly that in the past God spoke through the prophets, but in these last days he has spoken through His Son. Everything about Jesus speaks about the love, grace, mercy and compassion of God, and it also speaks about the seriousness with which He views sin and rebellion against God.

Apart from in Revelation where it tells us that for about 30 minutes there is silence in heaven, it is usually accompanied by the great sounds of worship, praise and adoration. The awesome Seraphim shake everything with their booming, ominous cries of, “Holy, holy, holy!” Heaven is not silent, and neither is God.  Just because he may not be speaking with an audible voice does not mean he is not speaking to you, or have anything to say.

God will speak to you through the bible, if you will take time to read it and muse over it – especially if your intent is to see what it is encouraging you and your church to do, believe, trust or obey. If you are taking God’s written word as literally God’s spoken word to you He will make it live!

God is speaking to us in this day.  You don’t need to ask God to speak to you audibly, if he wants to do that he will, and if he does, it does not make you any more special to him, than you already are, and certainly no more special than others around you!  It will be encouraging, but it will always say the same things as the bible.

A last thought, God talks back. By that I mean, if you pray God will respond! You will never pray too much, and certainly, you will not end your days wishing you had prayed less. Talk to God. In the business of life and all the sounds that it brings, God speaks, and speaks clearly.