Freely, very freely you have received…

I’ve been writing this blog since about 1997. During that time thousands of visitors have been to the site and been challenged, encouraged and even ‘provoked’ by the things that I have written.

To be honest, it has been both a rewarding project and a heart-breaking one. I’ve spent time, money, research and development to get the website to where it is, but all the time in the back of my mind I have had to consider a few things.

A few years ago, I was involved in a radio programme that had the farthest reaching, longest air-time on a Sunday morning for all commercial broadcasting in the UK. We broadcast every Sunday morning from 6.00am until 10.00 am. Four hours of evangelical and charismatic conversation, music, worship and testimony.

The day finally came and the commercial station took us off the air. You can guess the numbers of complaints that flooded in from the churches standing with and for us… not one!

We’re not very good at looking after the things we value, but want them to be there!

It’s the same with my website. I’m making a one-off plea for your help. I can’t afford to pay for google to market me so I am asking you – would you kindly consider posting a link to here from your church website, or put it on your newsletter. I want to encourage people in our wonderful churches, but if no-one is aware it is here then it is a missed opportunity to encourage and help others.

This is a one-off request for your help. You won’t see it on the rest of the website.

People would love to find this website, but unlike you, they have never heard of it and would’nt know what to search for on the internet!

In other words, I really depend on you. Please will you help me make a difference.

If you can help, if you share a link please let me know so I can say, thank you!

with deepest appreciation,


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