SproutStarting to understand the prophetic ministry

What do you consider to be the fundamental focus of the prophetic ministry? What is always at the heart of authentic, trustworthy and legitimate prophetic ministry?

Surprisingly, the answer is a simple one – but one that all of the prophetic ministries functioning in the wider Body of Christ today would be wise to remind themselves of regularly. And controversially, it is a real litmus test to whether any given prophetic ministry truly is from God.

The absolute focus, and core value of God-commissioned, Christ-exalting and scripture-honouring prophetic ministry is the Work of Christ on the Cross.

Everything God has done for us in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, is captured by He did for us on the Cross. At the Cross we see the full penalty for our sin being met by the willing personal sacrifice in our place, for us. Nothing merited it, nothing we could or did do earned it. Christ paid a terrible price, surrendering His own life as our substitute to atone for our sins in the fullest meaning of the word.

At the Cross we see God’s love, compassion, justice, wisdom, grace and overwhelming holiness being displayed openly. And it is an awesome sight.

The problem so often with prophetic ministry, is that it can appear that the focus is on what God wants to do for individuals and their own needs and reassurances, rather than calling for a determined focus on God and what He has already done for them.

It is very easy(with God’s help!) to call people out from a crowd and tell them some of the things that God is revealing about the state of their heart, his intentions for their lives, some of the issues they have been facing.

At such times of ministry the individual may be greatly encouraged – but much more will be accomplished if the Church begins to increasingly realise that the dynamic focus of prophetic ministry is not so much the valuable, edifying and up-building work of revelation alone(and that is both useful and helpful), but a call to focus on the only thing that can give them real hope in this day and age; Christ’s finished work on the Cross.

And the Work of Christ at the Cross is the very gospel that we all need to encourage ourselves with on a daily basis. The gospel is not just for the lost on a Sunday evangelistic meeting – it is our great eternal joy.

As we begin to grasp the gospel with all it’s implications of God’s overwhelming grace, favour and loving-kindness for those in Christ, it works deeply in our heart by reminding us every day that God is with us, for us, will care for and protect us.

That awesome gospel reminds us that He is our provider and keeper. In the gospel we see in our most dismal, storm-filled day that out of more than 6,billion others on planet earth that he chose you personally, saved you, cleansed you, justified you, forgave you and with express intent, glorified you – and none of it was because of your behaviour, goodness or bank account!


Prophetic ministry that points the Church to the Cross honours God profoundly and directs people in every station of life to come to Christ, who alone has the power to transform their lives and situations.

Don’t give up sharing what God reveals to you – but be mindful of our core values as the people of God; the Cross of Christ and His glorious resurrection.